English-Only Policy Causes Rift Between NYPD Officers


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According to Fox news Latino, in response to Latino employees conversing in Spanish at the work place, the New York Police Department (NYPD) has begun enforcing an English-only policy for its officers.
The policy itself has existed since 2009, yet its recent enforcement is what is sparking concern.
The policy states that personnel must “speak English while they are conducting business for the department unless speaking a foreign language is a necessary component to performing their duties and responsibilities,” according to a copy of a 2009 NYPD internal newsletter obtained by the The New York Daily News.
“They were written up for a conversation between one officer and another,” said Anthony Miranda, chairman of the National Latino Officers Association and a retired NYPD sergeant. “For purposes of law enforcement and emergency, they spoke English.”
However to some, it seems the policy itself reflects the same discrimination that it was created to abolish.
“The NYPD is using the language rules for retaliation against officers who filed for discrimination,” Miranda said, who has appeared at recent press conferences with some of the officers. “They’re using the rules to create a hostile work environment, targeting Hispanic officers. It’s a rule they can use to harass officers who speak different languages.”
(Photo by rollingrck via Flickr)