Domino's Launches Spanish Language App


Domino’s Pizza has announced a Spanish-language ordering app for smartphones. With the update to its current ordering application, Domino’s covers more than 80 percent of smartphones.
In July, Domino’s came under heavy fire for a Spanish language pizza promotion that was seen as contributing to the Latino community’s high rates of obesity and diabetes.
The app is part of the company’s mobile ordering lineup that features the English version for the Apple iPhone, Android phones and Amazon’s Kindle Fire, as well as a full-feature mobile ordering site at The new app allows Spanish-speaking customers the ability to order from nearly every Domino’s store in the U.S. from their smartphone, according to a recent article
The Spanish-language app gives customers access to Domino’s menu and local and national coupons. Users can also search for the closest Domino’s location and follow the stages of their order. The company’s mobile and online ordering make up 30 percent of sales. Domino’s estimates it is one of the top ten e-commerce retailers when measured by number of transactions.
Last year Domino’s was #1 in Forbes Magazine’s “Top 20 Franchises for the Money” list.  The company had global retail sales of more than $6.2 billion in 2010. The free app is available from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch, at or the Amazon Appstore and Google Play store on Android phones.