Digital Media Could Help Aspiring Latina Entrepreneurs


Latinas looking to become entrepreneurs don’t necessarily need large wads of cash but they could use large caches of knowledge about digital media.
Laura Berrocal, vice president of public policy and hispanic affairs for a strategic consulting and regulatory firm in Washington, D.C, writes in an article at Fox Latino News, “Every start up business requires seed money – some more than others. Interestingly enough, leveraging digital media to start an online business may be more affordable than one may think and I’m pleased to see that Latinas are jumping onboard this bandwagon early.”
She adds in her piece that there are a myriad of digital media platforms that are opening the doors to Latinas interested in getting involved in the digital media space as digital entrepreneurs, bloggers, and media and marketing professionals.  Digital media outlets range from Latina mom networks such as the very popular Latina Mom Bloggers and Mamiverse to fitness and nutrition networks much like that of entrepreneur Bianca Jade, Founder and CEO of
One place to get started is nonprofit groups like the Minority Media and Telecom Council are also taking great strides to help minority entrepreneurs successfully start up and maintain online businesses.
Photo courtesy of Creative Commons