Dan Malloy for Governor – The Clear Choice for Latinos


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Editor: Today, we offer our readers contrasting views on who should be the next Governor of our state. These opinion articles clearly demonstrate the diversity in many ways among Connecticut’s 500,000 Latinos
Evelyn Mantilla
West Hartford

The Connecticut Latino community is affected by the same issues as those across the state – and more.  This November, Latino voters have a critical choice to make. Do we move forward with progress, or do we turn back the clock? In the race for Governor, we must vote for the only candidate working for us: Governor Dan Malloy.
Governor Malloy is the clear choice. He’s proven, time and time again, that he is committed to protecting ALL of the residents of our state, while taking great care to listen to the specific needs of each demographic.  From raising the minimum wage, to creating nearly 60,000 private sector jobs, he is improving our lives.
He understands that every family deserves to have access to a living wage.  He understands that you we should never have to choose between going to work sick and losing our job.  By increasing the minimum wage and guaranteeing an appropriate sick leave for every worker, hard-working families are better equipped to earn a living and take care of their loved ones. He is working for us.
A great education is the one thing that lifts us all.  Governor Malloy knows that to truly invest in our cities, we need to invest in our schools and strengthen our education system.  While other states were cutting education funding, his administration has increased spending for our classrooms by hundreds of millions of dollars, with the vast majority going to “Alliance Districts” – schools in our cities that need it most.  Additionally, he’s making sure that every four-year-old in our communities has access to high-quality pre-k, so more of our children will have the tools to be successful in their school careers.
Under Dan Malloy, Connecticut was one of the first states to pass a state version of the DREAM Act. Again, by making education more accessible to all, our entire community is lifted.
Even more, in low-income neighborhoods he’s expanded family resource centers, widening access to after-school programs and summer camps for children, while providing parenting classes, high school equivalency courses, and English as a Second Language programs for adults.
When it comes to housing, Governor Malloy believes that every family deserves access to a quality, affordable home. Plain and simple: he has invested more money in affordable housing during the past few years than anytime over the past few decades. Over the next ten years, Connecticut is investing $300 million to rehabilitate more than 340 affordable housing properties.  That’s 13,800 housing units in our State-Sponsored Housing Portfolio.
Homicides in Connecticut have dropped to their lowest point in a decade, while shootings have also declined.  He not only signed the smartest, strictest gun law in the nation, but also initiated a multipronged approach to combat urban gun violence.
It is clear that under Dan Malloy, Connecticut is moving forward.  For us as Latinos, it is critical that we continue our progress.  Tom Foley is a risk we cannot afford – he will take our communities backwards. On November 4th, our choice is clear: Dan Malloy for Governor of Connecticut!