CT's Latino Expo: What's The Buzz?


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As always, CTLatinoNews.com works to bring you what people in the Latino community in Connecticut are buzzing about.  On Facebook this week, comments about the Latino Expo, which was recently held in Hartford, lit up the CT Latinos Unidos page, a FB forum on Latino issues.  Now in its 14th year, the Expo bills itself as an ‘event in Hartford intended to benefit Hispanic families, businesses and their owners’.  This year’s comments on the event ranged from questions about the message it sent, the bi-cultural knowledge of those running it…and of course, as usual among Latinos…a bit more.   Well known Hartford Latina activist, businesswoman and entrepreneur, Joyce Bolanos kicked off  the conversation.

Joyce Bolanos: This is my opinion of the The Hartford Courant photos in the gallery section of the Latino Expo. I am disappointed in the pictures, it shows the Latino Expo as a “Kiddie Show” not the networking, business and culture event it is. Alex, where are the pics of the booths? Were just children dancing? Where are the folkloric groups? The ethnic foods? The stewards of the local Latino community? The showcasing of the businesses and programs?
Bessy Reyna:  letters@courant.com escribela ya!
Lisa Bonilla Lassen:  Have you seen this video about Latino Expo?
-http://www.wfsb.com/video?clipId=9917607&autostart=true    Video ww.wfsb.com.
Joyce Bolanos:  Yes, I still find it strange that the founder does not have a Latino partner to help organize and speak as well. It is like having the Irish Festival organized by the Greeks. Very strange indeed.
Bessy Reyna: Why are Latinos supporting this? We have to stop complaining and take action! If the organizers are making money the least they can do is hire someone who speaks Spanish
Joyce Bolanos:  Greed
Anita Cotto:  Has anyone in our community approached the organizer in this regard?
Joyce Bolanos:  Have no idea.
 Anita Cotto:  Assuming good intent on part of the organizer maybe it would be advantageous to reach out to her with suggestions and/or feedback to plan for next year’s expo.
 Bessy Reyna:  Or just say we are not happy with the organization and if you want OUR support these are the changes needed: (list..)
Luis Edgardo Cotto:  Reminds me of a poster by Ricardo Levins Morales
Poster by Ricardo Levins Morales
 Joyce Bolanos:  Love the poster , says it all!
Editor’s Note: This is a screenshot of a discussion on Facebook, CTLatinoNews.com offers this feature as an insight into what some in the Latino community are discussing, this is not a news story.  We welcome all opinions and diverse views, please send to editor@ctln.local