CTLatinoNews.com Launches Campaign to Support 'Borinqueneers' Legacy


By Diane Alverio
As we begin this July 4th holiday weekend celebrating our country’s freedom, CTLatinoNews.com is proud to announce the launch of our campaign to support the efforts of the Borinqueneers Congressional Gold Medal Alliance. Their mission is one of the recognition for the role a Latino military unit played in American History.
The Borinqueneers, who hailed from Puerto Rico, served the cause of freedom with distinction and heroism from 1899 through the Korean War, all the while suffering the additional hurdles of segregation and prejudice, which did not deter them. They were members of the 65th Infantry Regiment in Puerto Rico and its members took great pride in its long, rich tradition of military history, service, and achievements.
Since the first shot of World War I,which originated from “El Morro” San Juan, Puerto Rico, to the end of the Korean War, more than 20,000 Borinqueneers have distinguished themselves as true American war heroes.
The Borinqueneers Gold Medal Alliance is a national, all-volunteer, non-partisan group of organizations and individuals dedicated to achieving the Congressional Gold Medal for the 65th Infantry Regiment. This same medal was awarded to the well-known African-American unit known as the Tuskegee Airmen.
The service of these heroic Borinqueneers is an important part of American history that should be preserved. Their supporters are working to ensure this legendary group becomes more than a fleeting footnote in American history and in the history of Latino-Americans and Puerto Ricans in the US.
As a new site and news service dedicated to providing fair and balanced information regarding Latinos, CTLatinoNews.com is pleased to join this non-partisan effort and we are committed to providing our readers with updates on a special page we have created on our news site for stories on their efforts and updates on their quest to ensure the legacy of the Borinquneers is never forgotten.
For more photos and history on the Borinqueneers and the Congressional Gold Medal Alliance, visit their website here.
(Photo by Photo by http://www.65thcgm.org/)