CT Post Calls for Christina Ayala To Step Down


The Connecticut Post is calling for the resignation of State Rep.-elect Christina Ayala in the wake of her arrests for allegedly evading responsibility and domestic violence in the span of three months.
In the editorial, the newspaper says the Bridgeport politician has demonstrated “erratic behavior over the last four months [that] would raise serious questions about her judgment in any environment.”
The editorial adds, “She’s going to go to Hartford next month and start weighing in on laws that will affect the rest of us? Come on.”
Ayala should have dropped out of the race back in August after her first arrest, the editorial said. It pointed out, ” In that case, she was charged with evading responsibility and running a red light in an unregistered car. Two minors were in her car.”
The editorial continues, “Now, she was arrested Monday night and charged with breach of peace after an argument with her boyfriend. Even more troubling was the report from the arresting officer that Ayala brought up her status as a legislator-elect in suggesting that police leave.”