CT Needs High-Speed Rail as a Transit Option


The Meriden Record-Journal is calling for legislators to support the creation of a high-speed rail line between New Haven and Springfield, Mass.
The editorial states, “Simply in terms of transit, this valuable project will lessen amounts of drivers on highways — like I-84 and I-91 — creating safer, less-congested arteries while also better maintaining the thoroughfares’ conditions. And regular passengers of the improved trains could benefit from commuting on a faster, cheaper alternative to personal vehicles — particularly if gasoline prices continue wallet-busting ascension.”
The editorial also ponders the price tag of high-speed rail. “… people concerned about finances should consider the larger economic picture. Towns and cities which will contain stations … are reasonably expecting trains, plus an uptick in local commuters, to be catalysts for commercial revitalization. Thus, money spent here will reap a double benefit: enhancing public transit while simultaneously helping to get municipal economies back on track.” The cost is expected to be at least $880 million.
Read the entire Meriden Record-Journal editorial.