Creating a Latino 'Ecosystem' in Silicon Valley


Many people may not associate the terms “Silicon Valley” and “Latinos”, but for the last few years, a group of tech-savvy and resourceful individuals know as the Silicon Valley Latinos have been quietly making a name for themselves. Recently, they have started to band together in a Latino movement throughout the valley.
In a report by NBC Latino, Giovanni Rodriguez, of SocialxDesign, said that while Californian Latinos are often thought of as “working class immigrants” or “the disenfranchised”, the Silicon Valley Latinos are hard at work at the forefront of technology and innovation.
“Wealth creation, tech innovation, risk taking – none of these things are associated with Latino identity,” Rodriguez said. “Yet not only are we here, but we are beginning to organize and we are starting an ecosystem.”
During the Silicon Valley Latino Leadership Summit at Stanford University last Saturday, Latino technology groups joined forces with business, civic and political leaders to optimize their resources.
Whether the outcome was harnessing investments for new startups, finding a mentor or diversifying their businesses, Latinos have become part of the fabric in the Silicon Valley network over the past few years.
Their growth as a community is a point to be proud of, but it’s also an opportunity for all innovators, Rodriguez said.
He added,  “We see technology as the one of the engines of the new economy. . .  it’s clear Latinos have a special responsibility to take care of their own.”
(Photo by revolweb via Flickr)