Colombia Is New Prime Medical Destination


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Bogotá, Colombia

When Philip Sheldon* was told by his Toronto doctor that he was on a six-month waiting list for cataract surgery, this retired executive had the foresight to call his son-in-law in Bogotá to see what could be done. Despite comprehensive medical coverage in his native Canada, Sheldon wanted to speed up treatment for a condition that was getting worse by the month and was affecting the possibility of getting his driving license renewed.

A news story reports, Sheldon made some phone calls to some of the best ophthalmologists in Bogotá, then decided that the investment of buying a plane ticket to Colombia, spending days with family and recovering in an apartment in the capital, more than paid for itself as compared to six months of anguish, waiting for his government to define the place and time of his surgery.
Sheldon’s medical condition was not life-threatening, and the surgery was  performed in under two hours. As a foreigner with limited language skills, his  surgeon spoke impeccable English, having done part of his medical studies at  Moorsfields in London.
From eye surgery to dentistry, fertility and reproductive treatment, Colombia  ranks with 16 of the best 40 hospitals in the Latin America, according to  recent report by the economic journal, America Economia.
With health costs rising in the U.S., some 1.6 million Americans travel overseas for medical treatment every year, according to the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, and a yearly growth of 35 percent.  The American Medical Association claims that the trend is partly the result of  high insurance premiums in the United States for non-critical surgery.
Colombia is recognized internationally for treatment in oncology, cardiology and neurology.
Along with specialized care, Colombia is a pioneer in the development of pace  makers, laparoscopic and transplant surgery.
With 50 medical faculties in a country of 44 million, Colombia takes great pride in having world-class professionals, who work alongside dedicated  teams.
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