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Cuban American Billionaire Recalls His Own Story To Fuel Raising Millions For Undocumented Immigrants

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Mike Fernandez

CORAL GABLES, Fla. — Mike Fernandez is no stranger to crossing party lines. A major Republican donor and influencer, he joined forces with the Obama administration on their new Cuba policy. But when the GOP nominated Donald Trump as their presidential candidate, the Cuban American billionaire officially changed his affiliation to Independent.

Fernandez could not abide by then-candidate Trump’s immigration rhetoric, and now he won’t play nice with the president’s immigration policies. So he’s made it his mission to help as many undocumented families as he can.

Fernandez recently put $1 million of his own funds, and has pledged $4 million more, to spearhead the Immigration Partnership & ...

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CT Puerto Rican Agenda To Be First Official State Chapter Of National Alliance

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Members of the newly formed CT Puerto Rican Agenda Alliance


Bill Sarno/CTLatinoNews.com

Jason Ortiz had returned to Connecticut last fall from seeing first-hand the economic and humanitarian toll inflicted on Puerto Rico by its $70 billion debt crisis when he became involved in discussions with two other Puerto Rican political activists, Joseph Rodriguez and Wildaliz Bermudez, about what could be done in Connecticut to help Boricuas on the island and in the United States.

ct pr agenda

Ortiz, whose forte is campaign organization; Rodriquez, a top aide to Sen. Richard Blumenthal, Bermudez, a Hartford council member from the Working Families Party, agreed that it was critical for their cause to engage all ...

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Connecticut Latinas Want To Be Part of The Anti-Trump Resistance Effort

Former State representatives Evelun Mantilla (lefty) and Ilia Castro lead discussion on how Latinas can make their voices heard in the Anti-Trump resistance movement,

Former State representatives Evelun Mantilla (left) and Ilia Castro lead discussion at a meeting of Latinas who want to be part of the Anti-Trump resistance movement,


Bill Sarno/CTLatinoNews.com

As resistance  to Trump administration policies moves forward, Latino women in Connecticut want to make sure their voice and concerns are being heard.

Recently, more than two dozen Latinas gathered in a classroom at the Center for Latino Progress in Hartford on a Saturday morning to discuss what they could do to oppose President Trump’s agenda, particularly in immigration and health care.

Several of the women, who came mostly from the Hartford area and represented several Hispanic ethnicities, spoke only in ...

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