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Opinion: Pay Attention To Events In Ferguson; It’s Happening To Latino Youth, Too!


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Wendy Carilllo

As Ferguson, Mo., has become a flashpoint for fury and distrust between the black community and law enforcement after the death of Michael Brown, Latino organizations on Friday began to come out and express solidarity with the Brown family and those protesting on their behalf.

Leaders of the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda, a nonpartisan association of 37 of the leading Latino organizations across the country, sent BuzzFeed statements on Brown’s death.

“Mothers of color should not have to fear that our children will not be safe in our neighborhoods and city streets,” said Jessica González-Rojas, Executive Director at the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health. “The militarization and violent conduct, whether of police or immigration enforcement officials, are issues of human rights and racial justice, and warrant full investigation and accountability measures. My deepest condolences to Michael Brown’s family and all communities facing state violence.”…

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Why Are People From Honduras Leaving Their Country?

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  The number of unaccompanied minors from Honduras apprehended at the U.S.-Mexico border shot up from less than 7,000 in fiscal year 2013 to more than 17,500 through July this year, making Honduras the country of origin for the highest number of those minors.

Here are some facts and figures to help understand the conditions that Hondurans face in their home country and their ties to the U.S., in the years leading up to the surge.

  1. The wave of all immigrants in the U.S. coming from Honduras — both authorized and unauthorized — is relatively new. Over half of Honduran immigrants currently living in the U.S. arrived in 2000 or later, and about a quarter since 2006, according to a Pew Research analysis of 2012 census data.
  2.  More  than 60% of the 573,000 Honduran immigrants in the U.S. are unauthorized, a higher share than those from

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Opinion: Philanthropy Must Step Up Action To Help Children Crossing Border

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Diana Campoamor
Hispanics in Philanthropy


Young people often show up at the Central American Resource Center in Los Angeles because they and their parents face horrific choices.

For instance, a 14-year-old client appeared after his father was murdered by gangs in Honduras. His mother was so traumatized from witnessing the murder that she is confined to a psychiatric hospital. Then the thugs tried to force the youngster to join their criminal enterprise and beat him up.

“It’s either stay and die, or risk and come,” said Martha Arévalo, executive director of the center, which helped the young boy with legal services after he entered the U.S. without immigration documents.

At least 90,000 youngsters like that 14-year-old have arrived unaccompanied in the United States this year, part of a mounting crisis that has been building since 2008. As the situation becomes more dire, the need is growing for nonprofits and

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