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Trump and Clinton Record Pitches To Win Over Hispanic Evangelicals

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Photo credit: Wikipedia.org

Photo credit: Wikipedia.org

In separate pre-recorded videos, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump sought to court Hispanic Christian voters with messages of hope for families struggling financially.

In a two-minute video that aired at the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC) in California, the presumptive Republican nominee vowed to curb minority unemployment and stop illegal drug cartels.

“National – Hispanic – Christian: three great words. We’re going to take care of you. We’re going to work with you. You’re going to be very happy. You’re going to like President Trump,” he said.

The billionaire said if elected to the White House, he would “bring back jobs” to the U.S., would create ...

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The Bermudez Sisters: Political Activism Is Family Tradition

Eva Bermudez Zimmerman (left) and her sister Hartford City Council woman, Wildaliz Bermudez

Eva Bermudez Zimmerman (left) and her sister Hartford City council woman, Wildaliz Bermudez

Bill Sarno


For Wildaliz Bermudez and her younger sister Eva Bermudez Zimmerman,  the political activism they witnessed as young plaintiffs in the 1989 Sheff vs O’Neill school desegregation lawsuit, along with decades of community involvement and a desire to give their generation bigger voice in government, have lead the two Latinas to become candidates for public office in two very different environments.

The two millenials, a designation for people born in the 1980s and 1990s, mostly have chosen a course focused on Hartford, their hometown and where they have pursued economic and racial equality as well ...

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Op-Ed: Senator Blumenthal On Puerto Rico – ‘Congress Cannot Leave Our Fellow Citizens Behind’

Photo credit: www.blumenthal.senate.gov

Photo credit: www.blumenthal.senate.gov


One of my most moving memories in the U.S. Senate will always be the ceremony awarding the Congressional Gold Medal to the Borinqueneers. I led the effort to recognize and honor this military unit of Puerto Rican soldiers that played a profoundly significant role in both World War II and Korea. I was reminded that Puerto Ricans are American citizens, even if Puerto Rico is not a state. In fact, they are proud and patriotic Americans who have serviced and sacrificed to keep us free.

Despite the segregation and discrimination they confronted as members of the military, their dedication is profound and passionate. I have seen ...

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