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Take Note Of These Latina White House Staffers


It is a widely known fact that women face unique challenges gaining access to career opportunities and positions of leadership. There are gaps, and they are real for women across diverse fields in both public and private sectors.

For example, The Harvard Business Review recently published an article reporting that the average mid-forties male college graduate earns 55% more than his female counterpart. Online destinations, such as Harvard’s Gender Action Portal and Catalyst among others, exist to empower decision-makers and organizations with much needed data to elevate the priority for gender equity. However, while there seems to be a sea of information, finding data and stories that are relevant to


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Exclusive: What Dr. Nivea L. Torres Wants You To Know


Dr. Nivea L. Torres


Bill Sarno/CTLatinoNews.com

It’s been nearly three months since Dr. Nivea L. Torres has been able to work or even visit her office, and more than a month since her resignation became effective, but what Dr. Torres wanted to talk about in a recent interview with CTLatinoNews.com is about “Tomorrow’s Framework,” a strategic plan the Connecticut Technical High School System board formulated and she implemented.  It was designed to reshape the district’s mission and foster a greater awareness of its innovations and achievements in preparing the workforce of tomorrow, and while by all accounts it has been quite successful, ironically  it was also one of its ...

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Cubans Now Face Same Deportation Risk As Other Immigrants

photo credit: Mark Sims

photo credit: Mark Sims

Tens of thousands of Cubans living in the U.S. are adapting to a harsh new reality: After enjoying decades of favored status dating back to the Cold War, many of them now face the same deportation risks as any other immigrants.

They feel betrayed by former President Barack Obama’s administration, which in its waning days stripped away a nearly automatic path to citizenship that had been offered since the 1960s to Cubans who arrived on U.S. soil, even those who showed up without a visa. The change was part of a thaw in relations with Cuba, which also agreed to start accepting the return of more ...

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