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Three Latino Incumbents Fight Democratic Party Machine

Bridgeport  Town Clerk Alma MayaEloisa melendez 1 PedroSegarra

Bill Sarno


Three Connecticut cities with large Latino populations, three primary races and three prominent Latino officeholders, all Democrats, challenging candidates who bear the local party machinery’s seal of approval that they were denied.

That is the situation for Mayor Pedro Segarra in Hartford, for Town Clerk Alma Maya in Bridgeport and for Common Council member Eloisa Melendez in Norwalk. Each is running as a petitioning candidate and will need to rally the party’s rank and file in the Sept. 16 primary to gain the Democratic party line in the November election.

Their fight against the party machine, highlights two issues. The Democratic Party, which touts itself as the party of the nation’s growing Hispanic voter base, has seemingly rejected three Latino incumbents in favor of non-Latinos, as well as the incumbents’ ability be able to rev up support and votes among what many call “the sleeping giant,” …

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Esai Morales: Why He Is An ‘Actorvist’



He’s been a steady presence in Hollywood for more than three decades.

Ever since his pivotal performance as Ritchie Valens’ troubled brother Bob in 1987’s “La Bamba,” a role that launched a thousand memes and remains as relevant today in pop culture as it did then, Esai Morales has played dozens of characters spanning film and television.

He recently wrapped the second season of “From Dusk Til Dawn” on Robert Rodriguez’s El Rey network, where he plays “a vampire culebra underworld lord,” and he’s currently on HBO’s “The Brink,” a geopolitical dark comedy with Oscar winner Tim Robbins and funnyman Jack Black.

“It’s great. I’m playing the President of the United States, which is a childhood dream. But it makes me happy and sad at the same time ‘cause where do you go from there? President of the world?” Morales told Fox News Latino.

While Morales’ current POTUS status …

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Latina Educator Swept Up In Local New Britain Politics

NB school boardcandidate violet

Bill Sarno


Violet Jimenez Sims has advocated bilingual education reforms in many forums, including the state Capitol in Hartford. Now,  she is ready to have a voice in the future of English language learning (ELL) and other education issues in her hometown by running for a seat on the New Britain Board of Education.

But before the Dominican Republic-born high school teacher can have a voice in shaping policies for a district where one out of every six students is an English Language Learner (ELL), she must first successfully navigate through the local Democratic primary as a non-endorsed candidate and finish in the top three out of the five candidates in this vote in order to run on the Democratic line in the November general election when five board members will be elected.

This is quite a quest for someone who says she is not a “political person” but …

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