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What’s the Buzz From Latinos On The Candidates And The Election


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Frequently we hear, Latinos don’t speak up on the issues.  Some of the articles we have offered on this upcoming election however, have elicited some interesting responses  from Latinos around the state.  Among them, two opinion pieces that presented contrasting views from two Latinas on the gubernatorial candidates, incumbent Dannel Malloy (D) and Republican challenger Tom Foley.  They were written by Cecilia Bonelli of Groton who is originally from Peru  and Evelyn Mantilla of West Hartford, originally from Puerto Rico.  http://ctlatinonews.com/2014/10/22/dan-malloy-for-governor-the-clear-choice-for-latinos/   and   http://ctlatinonews.com/2014/10/22/why-as-a-latina-i-am-voting-for-tom-foley/)

Another, a news article (http://ctlatinonews.com/2014/10/15/latino-candidates-lots-at-stake-in-getting-out-the-vote/ ) on how some Latino candidates are working to get out the vote, not only for themselves but also for Governor Malloy, because they say the stakes are especially high in this election, for many reasons.   And then, some of the comments below are from some folks we asked because we figured you  wanted to hear from  …

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Election 2014: Connecticut’s Latino Candidates

Bill Sarno
When the last ballots are counted Nov. 4, Democrats hope to find all the legislative seats currently held by Hispanics still on their side of the aisle, and to maybe pick up one in eastern Connecticut.  Republican candidates with Latino backgrounds are looking for a different outcome. They are battling to keep the one Senate seat they hold and to establish new beach heads in several House districts. The GOP could use some victories by Hispanics to validate the party’s national effort to elect more diverse candidates at the state level.
Meanwhile, the Latino Democrats, even those unopposed, are hustling to get out their voters. They recognize that if  Republican Tom Foley ousts Dannel Malloy as governor, their growing influence at the Capitol may be diminished, even with Democratic majorities in the state House and Senate.  Currently, ten House seats and one Senate seat are held byContinue Reading

Letters To Editor: The Art Linares – Hotly Contest Race

linares 2014
Editor: In the hotly contested race for State Senator in the 33rd, district where Latino Art Linares is the incumbent, we offer you diverse opinions from voters in that district. 
Belinda Jones

In a recent opinion piece written by Mr. Robert Landino, he expressed dismay that Emily Bjornberg should criticize the environmental and business record of Art Linares, her opponent for the senate seat in the 33rd District.  He called Bjornberg’s criticism “hypocritical”.

Mr. Landino states he is a business partner with Linares’s company, Greenskies, which installs solar panels.  He observed that Bjornberg’s family dealership sells Subarus, and that cars are a source of pollution.

Here are a few facts that may shed light on the discussion.

On the environment, Linares has the second lowest lifetime score for his voting record in the entire Connecticut senate, according to the bipartisan League of Conservation Voters.  In contrast, various environmental …

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