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A Political Breakthrough For Waterbury Latinos?


Jose Morales has been endorsed as the Republican candidate for mayor in Waterbury Photo:nbcconnecticut.com

Bill Sarno


When Republicans in Waterbury asked Jose Morales, a former Democrat, to be their candidate for mayor, he quickly seized the opportunity and became the first Hispanic to seek this post in the city’s history.

” I did not hesitate to say yes, it was very natural,” said the Puerto Rico-born Morales.  “I believe God put me there,” he said of his being tagged less than a day before the local Republicans convention to pick up the baton dropped suddenly by the expected nominee.

Morales, who has lived in the same downtown apartment since he came to Waterbury,  expressed pride in being a Waterbury resident and is confident he is the right person to help revitalize a city burdened with economic difficulties and one of the highest tax rates in the state, while …

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Op-Ed: Mayor Pedro Segarra Explains Why He Has Decided Not To Count On The Democratic Party Machine

PedroSegarraMayor Pedro Segarra


There comes a moment in one’s life when you must stand up for what is right and walk away from what is wrong. Last night was one of those moments.

Last night, I chose not to accept the nomination of the Democratic Town Committee because I am in this race for the people of Hartford and not the politics.

I will not stand by and let outsiders try to buy their way into office and take control of our city.

It would be an abomination for us to let political influence determine the character of Hartford that would be represented by someone who has never held political office nor advocated on behalf of the City of Hartford.

We will let the people decide and not a few political insiders trying to stack the deck in their favor.

Too much is at stake to hand over …

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Norwalk’s Eloisa Melendez To Take Her Candidacy Straight To The Voters


Eloisa melendez 1

Bill Sarno

Eloisa Melendez’s voice overflows with enthusiasm and optimism when talking about politics and serving her hometown, Norwalk, and even in the wake of a recent intraparty setback to her campaign to retain her seat on the City Council she exudes confidence and a commitment to civic engagement.  The Democratic Town Committee may have passed over the the 21-year-old Latina in rubber stamping its endorsements for Council candidates Thursday night in District A after some controversial political gamesmanship,  but she is seen as having a good chance to successfully surmount this obstacle at the September 16 primary election.

In taking this more difficult route to the ultimate ballot in November, Melendez has been buoyed by the overwhelming support the district’s rank and file committee members accorded her the night before and by the  boost she has received from supporters since running into the DTC roadblock.  By Saturday, …

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