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El GRITO DE CARMEN–San Juan’s Mayor Grabs Mantle Of Leadership In Wake Of A Killer Hurricane

carmen yulan cruz

Carmen Yulín Cruz, Mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Photo Credit: Andrea Crossan/PRI


David-Medina-2David Medina

If the election for governor of Puerto Rico were to be held right now, or even in November of 2020, assuming the Financial Control Board hasn’t outlawed elections by then, San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz Soto would win by an overwhelming landslide for the way she stood up to Donald Trump in the aftermath of a killer hurricane that devastated the island.

In fact, as the first elected official from Puerto Rico EVER to publicly stick it to the President of the United States for his country’s typical indifference to the island’s concerns, ...

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When The Three Kings Didn’t Go To The Mall


bessy reyna Bessy Reyna

The Christmas holidays of my childhood in Cuba, are now mostly a nostalgic memory of the family we left behind when we immigrated to Panama. But, the one tradition from that time in my life which I still remember very fondly is what happened on January 6, the day when Three Kings, those invisible beings, would come some time in the night to bring us presents. Wanting to be in their good graces, I always made sure they had water for the camels, and food for the Kings. I imagined how hungry they were after such a long trip all the way to Cuba. As much as we ...

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Op-Ed: Tragic NFL Player’s Death Shouldn’t Become An Indictment Against Immigrants

colts playerr

Colts player Edwin Jackson’s death caught the attention of the White House. Photo credit: NFL

Fabiola Santiago/fsantiago@miamiherald.com

On Sunday, two tragedies played out across the country at the hands of impaired drivers – one in Indianapolis, the other in Miami Beach.

Only one made national headlines. On Tuesday, starting with tweets of condemnation and condolence by President Donald Trump, it became the launch point for a day filled with rhetoric about criminals crossing the U.S.-Mexico border.But both accidents left bereft families and irreparable losses.

In Indianapolis, Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson and his Uber driver were killed at 4 a.m. on the side of a highway after Jackson felt sick, the ...

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