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Opinion: We Need You, We Don’t Need You

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Diane Alverio

We need you, but we don’t need you: That’s the message Connecticut’s Latino voters are getting this year.

Pundits and news reports have been telling us since early in the election season that the state’s Latino swing vote is key in several races. But, if candidates are wooing Latinos, the message has been confusing at best. The race giving the state’s Latinos the most whiplash is the close gubernatorial contest between incumbent Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and Republican challenger Tom Foley in which a slim margin will most likely decide the outcome.

A few of the congressional campaigns are equally guilty, but the race for governor is leaving Latinos around the state and even many Latino political leaders, from both parties, shaking their heads in amazement that neither candidate pulled out all stops to win over this electorate.

First, just to set the record straight, Latinos …

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Letters To Editor: The Art Linares – Hotly Contest Race

linares 2014
Editor: In the hotly contested race for State Senator in the 33rd, district where Latino Art Linares is the incumbent, we offer you diverse opinions from voters in that district. 
Belinda Jones

In a recent opinion piece written by Mr. Robert Landino, he expressed dismay that Emily Bjornberg should criticize the environmental and business record of Art Linares, her opponent for the senate seat in the 33rd District.  He called Bjornberg’s criticism “hypocritical”.

Mr. Landino states he is a business partner with Linares’s company, Greenskies, which installs solar panels.  He observed that Bjornberg’s family dealership sells Subarus, and that cars are a source of pollution.

Here are a few facts that may shed light on the discussion.

On the environment, Linares has the second lowest lifetime score for his voting record in the entire Connecticut senate, according to the bipartisan League of Conservation Voters.  In contrast, various environmental …

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Should “Latino” Be A Race On the Census?

 us map and folks...

Thomas Lopez
Multiracial Americans of Southern California

Few questions cause as much existential angst among Latino intellectuals as this one. The Latino origin question was added to the Census in such a hurry back in 1970, that little thought was likely given to how it would fold into the existing racial categories at the time. It has remained a separate question ever since; thus was born the ubiquitous US census logophrase “Latino (or Hispanic) can be of any race.”  It has been stated so often that it has become more of a platitude than a validated scientific fact.  Kudos should be given to the Census Bureau for finally addressing this issue.  Even if nothing changes in the Census, just considering the question forces us into a deeper conversation about identity in general. Because in order to answer the question of whether or not Latino should be a race, one must first answer …

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