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Op-Ed: Latino And Jewish Ties Should Provide Foundation For Future Cooperation And Partnerships

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Anthony Perry (Perry)
The Times of Israel

In the run up to the U.S. elections in 2016, the Latino community could play a greater role than ever before and both party campaigns are already raising large amounts to attract the Hispanic vote.

While there have been Latino candidates before, these elections are placing their potential support front and center. Democratic Presidential Candidate Hilary Clinton, who made little attempt to specifically attract Latino voters during her ill-fated 2008 run, has already placed this demographic high on the list for outreach.

On the Republican side, two of the declared candidates, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, are of Latino origin and Jeb Bush, a likely candidate, speaks fluent Spanish and his wife Columba was born in Mexico.

As this sector becomes even more politically assertive and is expected to double by 2030, it is vital that the Jewish community and Israel rethink …

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Op-Ed: U.S. Latinos Need To Speak Out About The Dominican Republic


Daniel José Older
BuzzFeed Contributor

As the Dominican Republic begins what has been called a “vicious, slow-motion pogrom” on black Dominicans and Dominicans of Haitian descent — stripping them of their citizenship and rounding them up for deportation en masse — I think of writer Gloria Anzaldúa’s words about living in the shadow of a border that crosses identities and shatters lives: “you are the battleground / where enemies are kin to each other; / you are at home, a stranger.”

These are still days of conceptual lines that become political lines, which are then militarized: the lines across which battles of life and death play out, now in slow motion, suddenly faster than a bullet. These lines crisscross our geographies and identities; they are both porous and razor-sharp, always unforgiving.

The Dominican government’s fear of blackness dates back to its Spanish colonizers and became a matter of policy under …

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Op-Ed: Not Funding Bridgeport Schools Adequately Is An Injustice

Photo: smithclass.org

Photo: smithclass.org


Jorge Cabrera

On June 3rd of this year the Connecticut General Assembly will close the legislative session and hanging in the balance is $5,000,000 in much needed funding for the Bridgeport public schools. Right now, Bridgeport is poised to not receive the much needed funds because the state is proposing to flat fund the district and as a result school administrators will have to cut things like guidance counselors, school building repairs, paraprofessionals and other essential functions.

Not funding the Bridgeport schools adequately is an injustice to the nearly 22,000 students and their families.  Once again, Bridgeport kids are expected to run the race of life barefoot!

The problem of poor funding for Bridgeport schools is well documented.  In fact, as far back as 2005 a study was done that showed that the State of Connecticut has not adequately funded the Bridgeport public schools.  Click here

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