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Dan Malloy for Governor – The Clear Choice for Latinos

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Editor: Today, we offer our readers contrasting views on who should be the next Governor of our state. These opinion articles clearly demonstrate the diversity in many ways among Connecticut’s 500,000 Latinos
Evelyn Mantilla
West Hartford


The Connecticut Latino community is affected by the same issues as those across the state – and more.  This November, Latino voters have a critical choice to make. Do we move forward with progress, or do we turn back the clock? In the race for Governor, we must vote for the only candidate working for us: Governor Dan Malloy.

Governor Malloy is the clear choice. He’s proven, time and time again, that he is committed to protecting ALL of the residents of our state, while taking great care to listen to the specific needs of each demographic.  From raising the minimum wage, to creating nearly 60,000 private sector jobs, he is improving …

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Another Hispanic Heritage Month Over – Did it Help Anyone?

Hispanic heritage month

The sounds of mariachi and other Latino music along with the voices of persons of Hispanic heritage lessen somewhat as the celebration closes this month.

That celebration is Hispanic Heritage Month which has been going on for over 20 years, yet the question remains after all this time, is the American public more informed about Hispanic culture and its people? And what about us Hispanics, is our pride in being of Hispanic heritage busting at the seams or are we conflicted about our identity and place in America?

Indeed it’s an honor that our country grants an entire month to celebrate the positive contributions of our community along with a month being set aside for Women, Asian, African and Native Americans, albeit at other times of the year. But what of it, does this celebrative period actually help or hurt our standing in how non Hispanics view our community?

A …

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Opinion: How We Became Hispanic

how we bcame hispanic

Photo: NBC News via G. Cristina Mora
Sociology professor and author G. Cristina Mora’s daughter. Like many U.S. Latinos, her parents are from different nationalities; her father is Cuban and her mother is Mexican-American.

My daughter, a half-Mexican half-Cuban bundle of laughter, was born last year and her birth certificate says “Hispanic.” Her school forms will also all likely say Latino/Hispanic, and when she goes to college she will likely join Latino/Hispanic clubs and perhaps – if she is so lucky – she might benefit from Latino scholarships. Her drivers’ license will say Hispanic, and she will likely identify herself as Hispanic/Latino on all of her census forms. Indeed, she will grow up in an era that takes the idea of Latinidad for granted.

Now that “Hispanic” Heritage Month is upon us this month it might be useful to reflect on just how the term came about.


In my recently …

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