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Op-Ed: Why Hispanics Are Cheering For Jorge Ramos

Photo: Univision.com

Photo: Univision.com

Diane Alverio

Donald Trump’s insulting remarks and actions regarding Univision’s network anchor Jorge Ramos at a press conference in Iowa Tuesday predictably increased Latino disgust over his presidential campaign. It also gave Hispanics a new hero in battling a presidential candidate who blatantly preaches racial intolerance.

Univision is the most-watched Spanish-language broadcaster in the U.S. and Ramos is said to be the country’s best known Spanish language news anchor.

Ramos’ crime? The audacity to interrupt Trump during a press conference to ask a question. Trump told Ramos to “sit down” and “go back to Univision” in a demeaning tone. Then, Trump signaled to his burly security guards to have Ramos forcibly removed from the press conference. Ramos, who was invited back in after a few reporters questioned Trump about the incident, claims he was just trying to get Trump to give specifics about how he would deport …

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Increased Control Of Cuban Citizens A Far Cry From Anticipated “Hope And Change”

Photo: cubawanderer.com

Barack Obama’s attempt to woo Fidel and Raul Castro away from their regime’s totalitarian roots has turned from disaster to catastrophe, giving a new and ugly meaning to President Obama’s campaign slogan of “hope and change.” So far there’s been no change and no hope, but more misery.

The Cuban Commission for Human Rights reports an upsurge in arrests — more than a thousand peaceful dissidents during the month of October, the highest monthly tally in recent history.

The U.S. Coast Guard has rescued record numbers of Cubans at sea trying to flee to the United States this year — more than at any time since the “rafters’ crisis” two decades ago.

Raul Castro has reinforced his post-Soviet alliance with Vladimir Putin — dispatching Cuban soldiers to Syria in support of the Russian intervention to preserve the wretched Damascus regime.

The Castro government has imposed new restrictions on …

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Rubio And Cruz: Not Hispanic Enough For Whites?


Some high-profile liberals in the media aren’t satisfied with the fact that most Hispanics—about two-thirds, according to voter surveys—are registered Democrats. The lefties have to go for broke and try to make the very word “Hispanic” synonymous with “Democrat,” which would mean that only Hispanic Democrats are genuine Hispanics.

I learned all this from watching Chris Matthews, host of MSNBC’s Hardball, who seems to believe that all the crazy talk in this election should not come just from the presidential candidates. Last week, while discussing the Republican primary debate in Milwaukee, Matthews tried to offer first-class commentary about a jab that Sen. Ted Cruz took at Sen. Marco Rubio and wound up sounding like English was his second language.

“So you’re trying to insinuate that Marco Rubio, a fellow, uh, Spanish surname, I’m not sure the right word is ‘Hispanic’ for them. Because they are Cuban nationals or whatever, …

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