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Op-Ed: Mayor Pedro Segarra Explains Why He Has Decided Not To Count On The Democratic Party Machine

PedroSegarraMayor Pedro Segarra


There comes a moment in one’s life when you must stand up for what is right and walk away from what is wrong. Last night was one of those moments.

Last night, I chose not to accept the nomination of the Democratic Town Committee because I am in this race for the people of Hartford and not the politics.

I will not stand by and let outsiders try to buy their way into office and take control of our city.

It would be an abomination for us to let political influence determine the character of Hartford that would be represented by someone who has never held political office nor advocated on behalf of the City of Hartford.

We will let the people decide and not a few political insiders trying to stack the deck in their favor.

Too much is at stake to hand over …

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Op-Ed: Jonathan Pelto’s Wait What? — Wealthy, White, Privileged, Male From Greenwich Tells Hartford – Make Me Your Leader

Former Malloy Legal Counsel, Luke Bronin and Gov. Malloy  Photo: ctmirror.org

Former Malloy Legal Counsel, Luke Bronin and Gov. Malloy
Photo: ctmirror.org


Jonathan Pelto
Wait What? Political Blog

Meet Luke Bronin.

Luke moved to Hartford from Washington just over two years ago.

[Luke had previously lived in Hartford for period in 2007-2008 when he had served as the top aide to the President of the Hartford Financial Services company]

Luke grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Luke attended the exclusive Greenwich Day School and then Philip Exeter Academy; the nation’s most elite preparatory boarding school.  Bronin went on to get degrees from Yale University, Oxford University and then returned to Yale School of Law for to get his law degree.

With no municipal or elected experience, Luke now says he is ready to “bring new leadership” to Harford, the poorest city of its size in the United States.

In a city in which more than 80% of the residents are “minority,” …

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Trump’s Controversial Statements On Immigration Highlight GOP’s “Latino Problem”


When Donald Trump disparaged Mexican immigrants as “rapists” and drug-runners during his presidential announcement, the slurs were initially dismissed as just another outrageous pronouncement from the blustery billionaire.

But as Latinos reel in anger and celebrities and corporate sponsors drop their associations with Trump, the Republican Party’s other presidential hopefuls face an increasingly uncomfortable choice: engage with Trump and elevate his already high visibility, or stay silent and risk appearing to condone his statements. So far, most have said little, hoping the controversy will fade.

It’s the latest Latino problem for the GOP, which will have great difficulty winning the White House if it fails to expand its overwhelmingly white base to include minorities. The problem will only worsen if Trump continues to do well enough in polls to qualify for the party’s televised debates.

On Wednesday, the controversy mounted as retailer Macy’s announced it was severing ties with Trump, …

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