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SO WHAT ARE YOU? BORICUA OR YANKEE? Oscar Lopez Rivera and PROMESA Are Forcing Puerto Ricans to Take A Stand




David-Medina-2David Medina/CTLatinoNews.com


            So what are you?

            A Boricua or a Yankee?

            Those of you whove been double-dipping all this time should start thinking seriously about becoming one or the other, because after Sunday, June 11, it will become increasingly difficult to hide in the buffer zone between statehood and sovereignty.

            In case you havent noticed, that fence youve been sitting on your whole life crumbled last year when Puerto Rico declared itself incapable of paying $70 billion that its government allegedly borrowed to keep the island on life support, so that the United States can continue extracting $58.1 billion a year from the ...

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Op-Ed: NYC Puerto Rican Parade Honors Terrorist Who Killed My Dad

Joseph Connor/New York Post

Melisssa Mark-Viverito (center) leads a
demonstration for freeing Oscar Lopez Rivera. 
Photo by Robert Miller

Officials last week announced plans to honor unrepentant terrorist leader Oscar Lopez Rivera as their first ever “National Freedom Hero” at this year’s National Puerto Rican Day Parade on June 11.

The words “disgrace” and “outrage” do not come close to describing the insanity, insult and pain that honoring this terrorist thug brings to our family, the families of all FALN victims and all Americans. The idea is truly sickening.
New York City was the epicenter for the most horrific of the 120-plus bombings by Lopez’s Puerto Rican terrorist group, the ...

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Op-Ed: Am I Latino Enough?

Photo credit: ourtiempo.com

Photo credit: ourtiempo.com

Alex Centeno for Al Dìa

My words sound choppy and unnatural. My grandmother nods her head in understanding because for over the two decades of my life she has learned to understand my Spanish. It is forced, unappealing, and sometimes ugly. She responds in complete Spanish; hers is nothing short of beautiful. Dripping from a voice crafted in Carolina, Puerto Rico with vocal cords stretched and bathed in Puerto Rican rum and Coquito, “the good stuff”. Her Spanish is native and natural. I’ve learned to let go of the resentment, but when first generation Latinos hear the gringo or blanquito in my voice, they ask me


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