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Carmen L. Lopez

 The July 2, 2014 edition of the CTPOST reported that two Bridgeport area chiropractors, who participated in a $1.7 million fraud scheme, were recently sentenced in Federal Court.

The scheme involved lawyers, a medical doctor, chiropractors and others, and resulted in a suspended sentence for the two chiropractors, plus an order of restitution totaling approximately $160,000.  The online version of the story, posted by reporter Mike Mayko on July 1, 2014, reported that Paul S. Timpanelli, CEO of the Bridgeport Regional Business Council and current Barnum Festival Ringmaster, and Mary Jane Foster, a former and perhaps future  candidate for Mayor, spoke on behalf of one of the chiropractors who was before Federal Judge Stephan Underhill for sentencing.

Both urged leniency based upon volunteer work performed by one of the chiropractors , Jennifer Lynne, in downtown Bridgeport activities.  Apparently, their pleas were heard by Judge Underhill.

Upon …

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Opinion: The Borinqueneers Taught Us A Priceless Lesson

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By Diane Alverio


This past week Celestino Cordova and Jose Picard from Connecticut, along with a few other remaining veterans known as the Borinqueneers, watched in the White House as President Barack Obama signed a bill awarding their once little known military unit the Congressional Gold Medal of Honor, the country’s highest civilian award.

Did they ever imagine this moment in American history would actually arrive?

The Borinqueneers are a unique Hispanic-American story. Over a span of nearly 60 years and three wars, these mostly young Puerto Ricans proudly answered the call of duty, only to find themselves in a segregated unit — ridiculed, ostracized and insulted by the very military in which they served — just because of how they spoke, what they ate and the color of their skin.

Officially known as the 65th regiment, the unit remained segregated until it was disbanded in the 1950s; …

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7 Tips To Financially Prepare Your Kid

Credit: financially-blonde.com

Credit: financially-blonde.com

As I mentioned on Monday, my one and only son, Will just turned 8, and I have to say that he is the most financially fit person that I know. For full disclosure, I did not set out to raise such a financially aware child, but through a series of thought out and accidental choices, I know what worked. And now, he not only has over $800 to his name (between cash and gift cards), but he makes incredibly informed decisions about the money that comes out of his wallet. How did this happen? We actively practice the following:

7 Tips to Raising a Financially Fit Kid

  1. Say no…A LOT – This seems easier said that done. When I was a child my parents said “no” quite a bit to me, and it was not for lack of wanting to buy me “things” it was for lack of

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