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Op-Ed: CARE Act Can Help Prevent Hospital Readmissions, Reduce Health Disparities

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Nora Duncan, AARP State Director
Glenn Cassis, Chairperson, Connecticut Commission on Health Equity

Improving transitional care and reducing hospital readmissions are critical for the health of patients, making the health care system more effective and, ultimately, contributing to the reduction of health disparities.  This year 28 Connecticut hospitals – that is 88% of all hospitals in the state – will be penalized for excessive readmissions by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).  Similarly, Connecticut ranked 39th overall among states in effectiveness in transitioning patients between care settings according to AARP’s 2014 LTSS Scorecard.  The problem of hospital readmissions is particularly problematic among Black and Latino/Hispanic patients in our state.

An analysis of the Connecticut Hospital Inpatient Discharge Database showed that ethnic/racial disparities exist in hospital readmissions in Connecticut.  Hispanics were significantly more likely to be readmitted within 30 days of discharge following hospitalization for heart failure. Blacks …

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Op-Ed: Why Municipal ID Cards Are Needed In Hartford

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Carlos Espinoza and Leticia Cotto, Co-chairs
Hartford Commission on Refugee and Immigrant Affairs


At a time of national debate on immigration reform, the City of Hartford takes steps toward improving the lives of its residents by creating a municipal identification card that helps promote a sense of shared identity and enhances the City’s reputation as a welcoming and inclusive community.

The City of Hartford Commission on Refugee and Immigrant Affairs (CRIA) applauds city officials for taking the steps toward adopting an ordinance titled “Municipal Identification Card Program” and developing its broad appeal to foster greater community participation and continue to encourage inclusiveness.

One of the best ways to make communities secure is to create an environment that increases opportunities for residents to experience a sense of belonging. This is important for all residents that make up our city: immigrants, those who are temporarily homeless, youth, formerly incarcerated residents who …

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Op-Ed: Why Is Rep. Minnie Gonzalez Criticized – And Not Republicans?

State Rep. Minnie Gonzalez at Tuesday's public hearing on the fate of the Latino and Puerto Rican Affairs Commission.

Gerry Garcia
New Haven


I read with sadness and disappointment the Courant’s editorial, Rep Gonzalez Insulting Email Disgraceful. In your zeal to pin blame on Connecticut’s senior Latina legislator, what’s most disgraceful is that the Courant’s editors completely miss the much bigger issue.

We happen to be in the midst of a national conversation on police use of excessive force, of dead black men, of brutality that would never have come to light but for ordinary citizen bystanders with camera phones.  Too many black and brown Americans – from South Carolina to New York to Los Angeles to our own East Haven – fear for our lives when we’re engaged by police.  Rather than blaming the Latina for an inappropriate e-mail, where is the Editors’ righteous indignation that Republican legislators put politics and personal animus ahead of this important national conversation and related legislation?

No one excuses Rep. …

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