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Puerto Rico Death Spiral: Minimum Wage Reduced To $4.25 An Hour? Colonialism And Corruption?

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David Medina /CTLatinoNews.com

David-Medina-2In today’s episode of “Puerto Rico Death Spiral”, as they say on the telenovelas, the Natural Resources Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives postpones the release of what was supposed to be the third and final draft a bi-partisan bill to restructure the island’s $72 billion bond debt and rescue it from financial collapse.

The Republicans who control the committee maintain that the brief delay is necessary to iron out some “technical difficulties”. Previous versions of the bill, however, included controversial provisions to reduce Puerto Rico’s minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to $4.25 an hour, which the Obama Administration flatly opposed, and to cut the ...

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Op-Ed: The GOP Said They Needed To Woo Latino Voters To Win. Then They Nominate Trump For President

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Donald Trump, a real-estate tycoon, reality television star, and  xenophobic racist, became the presumptive Republican nominee Tuesday night after his primary competitor, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), lost Indiana’s primary and dropped out.

Trump, who has made xenophobia and anti-immigrant fearmongering core tenets of his campaign, is already  inspiring immigrants to become citizens in order to vote for anyone but him. A  recent poll of Latino voters showed his candidacy is making them more determined than ever to hit the polls to vote against him in November.
The revulsion against the casino mogul’s anti-immigrant rhetoric will likely spur a backlash against the Republican Party that nominated him for years to ...

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Op-Ed: U.S. Shares Blame For Puerto Rico Death Spiral

Photo credit: www.globalresearch.ca

Photo credit: www.globalresearch.ca


David Medina

Special to CTLatinoNews.com

By now, you know that Democrats and Republicans in the U.S. Congress are gridlocked over how to address Puerto Rico’s inability to repay the $72 billion it borrowed from U.S. bondholders over the years to cover the cost of essential services.

While the lawmakers dicker over a compromise plan, the unemployment rate on the island continues to climb to more than double that of the United States; the number of residents living below the poverty line encompasses nearly half the island’s population; the sales tax is up to 11.5 percent; property values are in free fall; foreclosures are up 89 percent; as ...

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