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Op-Ed: The Chicago Mayoral Race – Why Jesus “Chuy” Garcia Has A Shot at Becoming Mayor

chicago chuey garcia

By Maria de los Angeles Torres and Teresa Cordova

The Chicago Mayoral runoff is in a dead heat despite pundits’ predictions  that  Rahm Emmanuel would easily win the majority of votes to avoid a run-off. Some of them now say that they had not appreciated the depth of discontent in the African-American community that did not come out strong for him.  Perhaps more importantly is their lack of understanding of the unaddressed challenges to the majority of residents — Black, Latinos, Asian Americans and Whites, brought forth by a globalization that is profoundly changing the lives and politics of Chicagoans.

 The Economic Context 

Since the early 1980s Chicago started the path to becoming a Global City. Globalization brought forth some positive developments particularly in communications and transportation, which shortened the distances among human beings. It has contributed to expanding financial and high-tech industries albeit with mixed results. Our downtown has …

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Op-Ed: Why Is Rep. Minnie Gonzalez Criticized – And Not Republicans?

State Rep. Minnie Gonzalez at Tuesday's public hearing on the fate of the Latino and Puerto Rican Affairs Commission.

Gerry Garcia
New Haven


I read with sadness and disappointment the Courant’s editorial, Rep Gonzalez Insulting Email Disgraceful. In your zeal to pin blame on Connecticut’s senior Latina legislator, what’s most disgraceful is that the Courant’s editors completely miss the much bigger issue.

We happen to be in the midst of a national conversation on police use of excessive force, of dead black men, of brutality that would never have come to light but for ordinary citizen bystanders with camera phones.  Too many black and brown Americans – from South Carolina to New York to Los Angeles to our own East Haven – fear for our lives when we’re engaged by police.  Rather than blaming the Latina for an inappropriate e-mail, where is the Editors’ righteous indignation that Republican legislators put politics and personal animus ahead of this important national conversation and related legislation?

No one excuses Rep. …

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Opinion: In Neighboring New York, Governor Cuomo Ignores Latinos As He Begins His New Term

latino voter


By Angelo Falcón

Judging by Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Inaugural Address on January 1, the more than 3 million Latinos in the state don’t exist. As he pointed out notables present at the ceremony in New York City, not one Latino name that worked for the state crossed his lips. The only reference he made to immigration was to his own family’s background.

As the Governor told the media his Inaugural Address’s purpose was more to set the tone for his second term rather than providing a programmatic outline. He addressed his priorities in broad terms and cast them within a national framework. In the process, he left those of us concerned about the future of the state’s large and growing Latino community uncertain about that future while reassuring everyone else about theirs.

 Latinos Most Underrepresented in State Government

The Governor talked about the issues he planned to tackle …

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