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Latina Sexual Assault Victims: Finding Ways To Empower Them

Annika Darling

Latinas, an ever expanding part of our society, experience sexual victimization in epidemic proportions. On a national level, 1 in 6 Latinas experience sexual victimization in their lifetime. However, they are the least likely to report these incidents, due to both cultural and linguistic barriers that limit the help-seeking process.

Statistics clearly indicate that the Latina community is in need of sexual assault services. Unfortunately, linkages to services are still weak. Factors which make it difficult for them to get the services they need include: language barriers, fear of deportation, fear of isolation, fear of hardship if separated from a partner, lack of community and family support, cultural issues, and fear of the legal system.


Connecticut Sexual Assault Crisis Services, Inc. (CONNSACS) is a statewide coalition of individual sexual assault crisis programs that works to end sexual violence through victim assistance, community education, and public …

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It’s Official: Latinos Helped Fuel World Cup Fever In The U.S.

USA feature FIFA World Cup 2014
Brian Woodman Jr.

As many sports fans and bar patrons can attest, there was a lot of interest in the World Cup this year throughout the United States. ESPN executives stated that a new precedent was set for both viewing and online streaming of the games. (link;

Gabriela Nunez, the communications manager of ESPN International and ESPN Desportes (the Spanish language branch of ESPN), said the Latino market is indeed playing a major part in helping soccer’s popularity in America grow. “There are 37 million Hispanic sports fans in the US,” she said. “That is 89 percent of all Hispanics — we have more sports fans than ever before.”

She said soccer is extremely  popular with Hispanics, particularly those who were born elsewhere and speak Spanish as a primary language. According to a 2013 sports poll by ESPN, she said, six of the top 10 sports events …

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UCONN Study: Puerto Rican Foods Preserve Cultural Identity

yuka foto

A variety of foods that are popular at markets and in stores serving the Puerto Rican community in Hartford. ( Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)

A long-term study by two ethno-botanists demonstrated that people retain culinary customs years after they migrate, and identified key foods that are emblematic of a community’s culinary conservation.

The two-part study by UConn alum David W. Taylor ’94 (CLAS), now an assistant professor of biology at the University of Portland, and his former professor Gregory J. Anderson, now Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, looked at the behavior of people who migrated from Puerto Rico to the United States.

A selection of viandas in a Puerto Rican market. (David Taylor Photo)

A selection of viandas in a Puerto Rican market. (David Taylor Photo)

Through a comparison of Puerto Rican food markets in Hartford, Conn., spanning an interval of a decade and a half, as well as a comparison of food markets in Hartford and …

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