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Davina Hernandez: Champion On And Off The Field


Davina coaching for Southington High during 2015 state championship Photo credit Mike Orazzi/The Bristol Press

Davina Hernandez, is the recipient of this year’s Connecticut Sport Writers’ Alliance ‘High School Coach of the Year ‘ Award Photo credit Mike Orazzi/The Bristol Press


Bill Sarno


It’s a summer evening in Puerto Rico and Davina Hernandez is playing right field for Puerto Rico’s national softball team. The Bristol, Connecticut native is eligible to play for this all-star contingent because her paternal grandparents were born on the island.

 When Hernandez comes off the field, her light-colored hair blowing in the  breeze, the team’s fans chant, “rubia, rubia,” the equivalent of “the blonde.” The college student and her teammates are celebrities in the island commonwealth.

 Playing ...

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Could World Cup Bid Pull The U.S. and Mexico Closer Together?

Photo credit: www.azcentral.com

Photo credit: www.azcentral.com


There’s a sporting chance that the beautiful game could help unify Mexico and the U.S. at a time when some politicians are trying to drive the two countries apart with anti-immigration rhetoric and plans to build walls.

Calls for the U.S. and Mexico to co-host the 2026 FIFA World Cup are not new, and joint bids have happened before. In 2002 Korea and Japan joined forces to host the global tournament, and The Netherlands recently teamed up with Belgium for a failed joint bid to host the 2018 World Cup, which will be played in Russia.

But buzz for a potential U.S.-Mexico bid has grown this ...

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Adrián González Gets Accent On Jersey – Pushes For #Ponleacento Campaign For Other Latino MLB Players

Photo credit: www.wearemitu.com

Photo credit: www.wearemitu.com

After 12 years in Major League Baseball and four more in the minor leagues, the name on Adrián González’s back had been missing one

thing important to any Latino player: the accent mark.

However, before a recent game, the Mexican-American slugger debuted his new Los Angeles Dodgers jersey with the fully correct

spelling of his name.

“After sixteen years in baseball, there was only one thing I needed to put an accent on he wrote on Instagram, before challenging

teammate Enrique Hernández do the same. He added the hashtag #PonleAcento.

Hernández, who is from Puerto Rico, accepted González’s challenge and shared his own jersey photo.

“Look how ...

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