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New Britain’s Ally Morell Hangs With The Boys In Soccer


Ally Morell, whose grandparents came form Spain is the only female on the boys soccer team. Photo: New Britain Herald

Ally Morell, whose grandparents came form Spain is the only female on the boys soccer team. Photo: New Britain Herald


Aly Morell had a decision to make entering her freshman year  of high school.

She could play for the New Britain High’s girls, her hometown team, or she could continue her education in Hartford and go to University High.

This wasn’t just a decision about school, however.  Morell, whose paternal grandparents and father are from Spain, was deciding between playing in her comfort zone against girls or taking on the challenge of joining University’s boys team since the school doesn’t have a girls squad.

Never one to back down from something, she made the hard choice. And it paid off.

“It was definitely a hard decision to give up the girls team at New Britain to come here,” Morell said recently after completing her senior year with University, …

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“Pelo Malo” Director Explains Why Her Movie Hit a Raw Nerve


For Latinos born with Afro-textured, curly hair or kinky hair – referred to as pelo malo or “bad hair” in Latin America and the Caribbean – their experiences can be quite intense and in many cases negative, as an Afro-Honduran recently told NBC News Latino contributor Raul A. Reyes.

Precisely because Afro-textured hair holds such a complex, racial history in our home countries, it can be tricky to explore as a topic. But in the skillful hands of Venezuelan director/writer Mariana Rondón, black hair is a window into Latin America’s soul.

The Venezuelan movie Pelo Malo, which opens Wednesday in selected theaters across the country, has generated controversy in Venezuela and grabbed audiences and juries alike. It has already won several awards, including top prize at the San Sebastian Film Festival.

The plot of the film seems simple enough: a nine-year old boy wants to straighten his afro-like …

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Dominicans Have Likely Surpassed Puerto Ricans as NYC’s Largest Latino Group




The Graduate Center, City University of New York, Center for Latin American, Caribbean and Latino Studies (CLALCS) announced today a new study – “Have Dominicans Surpassed Puerto Ricans to Become New York City’s Largest Latino Nationality?

The study carefully examines three different data sets for 2013 released by the U.S. Census Bureau to determine population changes among the largest five Latino nationalities in New York City and the metropolitan region. Each data set was based on samples of the population and although the results are not uniform, the detailed findings suggest that Dominicans have overtaken and probably surpassed Puerto Ricans in the City population, but not in surrounding counties.

This was part of a longer-term trend: The number of Puerto Ricans in the City has been steadily declining since 1990 because of the end of arrivals from Puerto Rico to the region, and the outmigration …

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