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Cuban Ballet Star Plans To Start Ballet Company In His Homeland

carlos acosta..cuban ballet star

Photograph: Tristram Kenton

One of the world’s top ballet dancers, Cuban ballet star Carlos Acosta, said he would like to open a dance company in Cuba after retiring from The Royal Ballet of London.

Acosta,  who is retiring from classical dance after the 2015-2016 season, told Cuba’s newspaper Granma that he would like to form a small company along neoclassical and contemporary lines.

According to the,  Acosta, 36, started his dancing career with the Cuban company and became the darling of the Royal Ballet when he joined as principal artist in 2007. He hasn’t stopped delighting  audiences since being known for his strong lines, raw quality and huge leaps.

The 41-year-old ballet star was one of 11 children born to a poor Havana family. He studied with the National Ballet of Cuba, joined London’s Royal Ballet in 1998 and has been a principal guest artist since 2003.

Acosta, who …

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Latina Cake Maker Creates Incredible (Edible) Art

Hope looney perfect one

 Annika Darling


In seven years, Hope Looney has seen her cake business skyrocket. In her first year Looney made 30 wedding cakes. This year, she will make 425.

Looney is the owner of JCakes, a gourmet custom-order bakery in North Haven, CT.  Being a business owner comes with numerous challenges, says Looney, but being Latino has never been one of them. In fact, she says, she finds her diverse background incredibly beneficial.  “Having different cultures has helped me be a well-rounded person,” says Looney. “I think that helps me run my business better, and be able to perceive different experiences different cultural parties that people have. I’ve been exposed to a lots of religions. Everybody throws their parties different and has different traditions and customs that they like to follow.”

One party that Looney was recently invited to, where her Louis Vuitton style purse cake took center stage, …

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Saving A Language Rooted In The Andes With Internet Radio


Segundo J. Angamarca, half-hidden in a thicket of electronic equipment on a recent Friday evening, put on his headphones and glanced around the room, a makeshift Internet radio station in his apartment in the Bronx.

“We’re all set, no?” he asked in Spanish. He punched a few buttons on a console and, leaning into a live microphone, began speaking in the percussive phonemes of a completely different tongue, one with roots in the Andean highlands of his native Ecuador.

“We’re here!” he announced. “We’re here tonight for you, to help bring happiness, from Radio El Tambo Stereo.”

And so began the inaugural broadcast of “Kichwa Hatari,” perhaps the only radio program in the United States conducted in Kichwa, an Ecuadorean variant of Quechua, an indigenous South American language spoken mainly in Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru.

Despite its humble source, the show’s principle objective is anything but modest: to …

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