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Edward Santos’ Art Invites Viewers Into His World as a Disabled Vet

Self-portrait by Edward Santos

Self-portrait by Edward Santos

Lisa S. Lenkiewicz

  Edward Santos is a Latino American warrior, having served two tours in Afghanistan with the U.S. Army Infantry. But he did not return home unscathed. He arrived as a wounded warrior.  Injured during each tour, his body is broken and bruised. He has had surgery for a hernia and an ankle injury, has ligament tears in both knees and a degenerative herniated disc and pinched nerve in his back. In addition, he endured a traumatic brain injury from a fall and suffers from PTSD. He has trouble walking and standing. He struggles with debilitating headaches and has lapses in memory.

“I’m a 43-year-old walking pharmacy,” says Santos.

Art therapy at the V.A. Hospital in Newington started the disabled vet on his long road to recovery. Always interested in drawing, he signed up for classes in oil painting. Soon, his talent was discovered …

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Latino Restaurant Owner Surprised Over Furor On His Plan to Hold A ‘White Appreciation Day’

Edgar colorado

Edgar Antillon had no idea the sort of firestorm that the simple, handwritten signs he was posting on Saturday in his Milliken, Colorado, restaurant were about to unleash.

“White Appreciation Day! June 11,” they read. “Because all Americans should be celebrated!”

The plan was for Rubbin’ Buttz BBQ and Country Café to honor white Americans by offering a 10 percent discount that day.

“It was our humorous way of poking fun at our society,” Antillon, the 30-year-old co-owner of the restaurant, told Fox News Latino. “It’s almost racist not to have a day to honor white people, who make up a large portion of American culture.”

But that’s not the way people took the gesture. The days that followed have been filled with bomb threats and death threats and Denver Police officers getting stationed at his home.

“I’ve had people tell me that they’re going to gut me,” Antillon said.…

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English Proficiency on the Rise Among Latinos – U.S. Born Driving Language Changes




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English Proficiency Rising Among Latinos as Spanish Use at Home DeclinesA record 33.2 million Hispanics in the U.S. speak English proficiently, according to a new Pew Research Center analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data.1 In 2013, this group made up 68% of all Hispanics ages 5 and older, up from 59% in 2000.

At the same time that the share of Latinos who speak English proficiently is growing, the share that speaks Spanish at home has been declining over the last 13 years. In 2013, 73% of Latinos ages 5 and older said they speak Spanish at home, down from 78% who said the same in 2000. Despite this decline, a record 35.8 million Hispanics speak Spanish at home, a number that has continued to increase as the nation’s Hispanic population has grown.

These shifts coincide with the rise of U.S.-born Hispanics as a share …

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