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Instead Of A Border Wall, Some Texans Want Parks, Solar Panels Or Levees

A portion of the proposal submitted to the DHS by Lévy Kohlhaas ArchitectureLévy Kohlhaas

A portion of the proposal submitted to the DHS by Lévy Kohlhaas ArchitectureLévy Kohlhaas

As the Trump Administration moves ahead with its plans for a arrier just north of the Rio Grande, Texans are weighing in on how the president should approach the project. And the ideas range from the comical to the practical.

Imagine a kindler and gentler hand on the Texas-Mexico border where federal agents on patrol educate and welcome visitors to America. That happens as people from both sides of the Rio Grande meet at the center of a new, shared border checkpoint to play soccer or maybe watch movies near a farmers market.

Or maybe instead ...

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Journalist Lulu Garcia-Navarro Becomes NPR’s First Latina Newsmagazine Host


Photo credit:NPR.org

Lulu Garcia-Navarro Photo credit:NPR.org


If you haven’t yet become familiar with journalist Lulu Garcia-Navarro, that is about to change. This award-winning journalist whose career has taken her all over the globe has recently been named host of NPR’s popular newsmagazine show, ‘Weekend Edition Sunday’.

Although this job will see her more permanently based in Washington D.C, Lulu has previously been based in Brazil (while she was NPR’s South American Correspondent), Israel, Baghdad (as NPR News’ Baghdad Bureau Chief) and Mexico City as a foreign correspondent. She was one of the first reporters to enter Libya after the 2011 Arab Spring uprising, an event which has changed geo-politics ...

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Redefining What It Means To Be ‘American’ Through Art


NBMMA alessandro-ciccarelli-view-of-rio-de-janeiro

Painting by Alessandro Ciccarelli on display at the New Britain Museum of American Art’s  ‘Vistas del Sur’ exhibit.


Annika Darling/CTLatinoNews.com

Today, more than ever, people are asking what it means to be American. Demographics are ever changing and cultures are contiguous and commingling. In response, the art world has begun exploring this cultural shift.

With her newest exhibit: “Vistas del Sur,” the director at the New Britain Museum of American Art, Min Jung Kim, is exploring what it means to be “American” by examining and broadening the definition of “American art.”

“We will look back historically and bring more contemporary American art in exhibitions touching on the notion ...

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