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Cuban Ballet Star Plans To Start Ballet Company In His Homeland

carlos acosta..cuban ballet star

Photograph: Tristram Kenton

One of the world’s top ballet dancers, Cuban ballet star Carlos Acosta, said he would like to open a dance company in Cuba after retiring from The Royal Ballet of London.

Acosta,  who is retiring from classical dance after the 2015-2016 season, told Cuba’s newspaper Granma that he would like to form a small company along neoclassical and contemporary lines.

According to the,  Acosta, 36, started his dancing career with the Cuban company and became the darling of the Royal Ballet when he joined as principal artist in 2007. He hasn’t stopped delighting  audiences since being known for his strong lines, raw quality and huge leaps.

The 41-year-old ballet star was one of 11 children born to a poor Havana family. He studied with the National Ballet of Cuba, joined London’s Royal Ballet in 1998 and has been a principal guest artist since 2003.

Acosta, who …

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National Hispanic Media Watch Dog Group: FCC Broadcast Rules Limit Hispanic Ownership

who ownes themedia


The National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) today filed comments in the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Quadrennial Review of its broadcast ownership limits, urging the Commission to retain and expand media ownership rules. These rules limit the number of broadcast stations that any entity may own in a given metropolitan area, preventing further media consolidation.

NHMC supports retaining and strengthening media ownership rules because the record demonstrates that media consolidation leads to less opportunities for people of color to overcome the high barriers to entry into the broadcast industry, and decreases viewpoint diversity in the media.

“Media consolidation leads to a less diverse, less responsive, and less responsible media,” stated Michael Scurato, NHMC’s policy director. “In today’s media landscape, most TV news, radio programs and newspaper stories do not represent the concerns, culture, and knowledge of Latinos, other people of color and rural people.”

In its comments to the …

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Latina Teen’s Mission: Not One More Child Killed In A Hot Car


Photo: (Courtesy Alissa Chavez)


Alissa Chavez is riding the wave of sudden fame with a big smile on her face. At 17, she has patented a device she hopes will achieve her dreamed goal of not having one more child die because it was accidentally forgotten in a car by a busy parent.

Her “Hot Seat” works through a seemingly very simple mechanism. It is a sensor wrapped in a pad that needs to be placed underneath the cover of the car seat. This sensor communicates with a key fob and sounds a loud alarm whenever two things simultaneously happen: the sensor perceives any pressure, and key fob and sensor are more than 40 feet away from each other.

The product also includes an app for a cell phone and an alarm that can be attached somewhere outside the vehicle – say, under the bumper – to alert not …

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