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It’s Peru Again For The Fifth Year In A Row – Wins South America’s Top Culinary Destination Award



As one of Peru’s most famous contributions to the culinary world, ceviche has been declared part of its “national heritage.” While ceviche has sparked heated debates on everything from its origins to what ingredients are/aren’t acceptable, the dish has certainly conquered the world’s taste buds. But the rest of Peruvian cuisine is also holding it down. For the last decade or so, the country has been raising its gastronomic profile, so it’s not surprising that the World Travel Awards named the country South America’s Leading Culinary Destination for 2016. It’s an award Peru has won five years in a row. Last year, Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism Magali ...

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“Leukemia, You Messed With The Wrong Guy” – Latino Family Stands Strong In the Face Of Son’s Leukemia Diagnosis


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Annika Darling/CTLatinoNews.com

“My name is Christopher (Chris) Nieves and I am from East Hartford, Conn. I am the youngest ‘boy’ of seven children from Militza Nieves (Mami Millie) and Victor Nieves (Trikki Trikki). I am 16 years old, and at 16 years old you should be spending time with friends, enjoying life, and thinking about graduating high school. Cancer never really seems to be something you’re worried about, until now!” – Chris Nieves, Facebook post four days after blood cancer diagnosis.

Until now, Nieves spent his free time working as the muscle (assembly guy) at a family-owned DJ and sound rental business — Bulldog Audio DJs – where he ...

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First Latino Family Inducted Into CT Heritage Hall Of Fame


Diane and Marilyn Alverio proudly stand with a banner that features their mother and father, Gerado and Vicenta Alverio

Diane and Marilyn Alverio proudly stand with a banner that features their mother and father, Gerado and Vicenta Alverio



Bill Sarno/CTLatinoNews.com

For the first time, a family and  Latinos were inducted the CT Immigrant Heritage Hall of Fame this past weekend.   The Alverio family were among four inductees who have had the ‘immigrant experience’ and have gone on to notable achievements and who have also made outstanding contributions to their communities.

The Alverio family is Puerto Rican,  and although  technically are not immigrants because of Puerto Rico’s unique status with thealverio 4 United States they arrived as citizens, but they too share the immigrant experience said the groups’ ...

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