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Dominican Filmmaker Documents Effects of Global Tourism


You may be itching to travel to Machu Picchu, drink mojitos on a tiny island in the Pacific Ocean, or trek a remote mountain in Tibet. But a critically acclaimed new film raises difficult questions about the delicate balance between our love of seeing the world and its effect on our planet.

Cinematographer Melvin Estrella, who is from the Dominican Republic, traveled around the world for about ten years with his wife, renowned New York University anthropologist Pegi Vail. They co-produced and created the documentary Gringo Trails, featuring breathtaking footage of some of the world’s most remarkable places: Bolivia’s gorgeous salt flat Salar de Uyuni, Bhutan’s majestic mountains and Thailand’s stunning beaches, among others. However, this is no wistful travelogue but a reality check on the ramifications of mismanaged global tourism.

NBC News spoke to Estrella on the eve of the film’s theatrical run on Thursday, September 4th, …

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Should Latinos Think About Being A Stay-at-Home Dads?



The stay-at-home dad is becoming increasingly prevalent these days. As fathers/husbands/partners make the decision to put their professional careers on hold to become the primary caregivers to their children, we admit it—we’re doing a happy dance. Why? Because it frees women up to follow their passion and do their thing outside of the home more than ever and ultimately, that’s a wonderful thing.

Now, what is a stay-at-home dad exactly? Well, according to the National At-Home Dad Network it’s, “Any father who is the regular primary caregiver of his children, usually while his partner works outside the home as the family’s main breadwinner. Also called a “stay-at-home dad” (SAHD) or “work-at-home dad” (WAHD).” This trend is catching on across the country, but is it catching on in the Latino Community? Not as much as we would hope. Here are 15 reasons why Latinas should think about letting their …

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Latina Victims Of Domestic Violence Face Many Challenges

Injured woman terrified


 Domestic and sexual violence are pervasive problems that impact individuals throughout our country. Studies show that the Latino community members fall victim at high rates and face unique challenges in the fight against violence, language being one of them.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, and the 2011 American Community Survey, over 37.6 million residents speak Spanish at home. While there have been some inroads in bilingual/bicultural victim advocacy, with 17 state sexual assault, domestic violence (or dual) coalitions adding an “Español” tab with web content in Spanish, many states with millions of Latin@s fall short of providing necessary bilingual victim advocacy.

Too many victim assistance agencies still cannot adequately address the needs of Spanish-dominant sexual and domestic violence survivors. This reality was made painfully clear in the “Domestic Violence Counts 2013 Report” from the National Network to End Domestic Violence. “Bilingual advocacy” is one of …

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