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Threat Of Deportation: A Trigger For Toxic Stress In Children Left Behind

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Photo credit: medical newstoday.com

Photo credit: medical newstoday.com

On a snowy Saturday morning in January, Selvin, 13, and his mother were in the basement of the First and Summerfield United Methodist Church in New Haven, to support a friend in sanctuary. As they sat there, the boy tried to push away thoughts of how it would be when ICE came to take away his own mother, who is also under a deportation order.”I’m going to be alone with my little brother and my dad,” Selvin said. “Sometimes I feel I don’t want to talk to anybody. I just go to my room, lock the door, and I feel depressed.”

Selvin -whose family asked that


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UCONN Latino Medical Students Work To Increase Numbers And Improve Healthcare For Community

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Seven of the eight LMSA board members at UConn School of Medicine are, from left, Jorge Ortiz, Andria Matthews, Alexandria Meyers, Cristina Valentín Rivera, Verónica Schmidt Terón, Salem Harry, Kevin Iglesias.


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While programs such as the Affordable Care Act have significantly increased, for now, the number of Latinos in Connecticut and elsewhere who have health insurance, getting this population, particularly new arrivals in this country, to use this system remains a major challenge,

 According to healthcare researchers, Latino physicians, especially those fluent in Spanish, are seen as the critical component in alleviating the communication  and cultural issues which can complicate medical diagnoses and exacerbate a reluctance ...

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Why A Hospital Is Taking Farm Workers Out Of The Field And Training Them As Medical Interpreters

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Angelica Isidro was the first interpreter hired by Indigenous Interpreters Plus. She interprets in Spanish and Mixteco.  For years Angelica had been informally interpreting for her community; interpreting over the phone while she worked her day job in the fields.  Credit: Nina Porzucki .


Folks from Salinas like to remind you that their valley is the “Salad Bowl of the World.” Not that you can forget. Everywhere you look there’s fields growing lettuce, strawberries, broccoli.

A growing number of the farm workers picking the broccoli and lettuce from those fields speak neither English nor Spanish but several Native Mexican languages like Mixtec, Triqui, Zapotec. How are ...

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