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How Latinos Can Become Better Health Consumers



Annika Darling

There are major issues that Latinos encounter when seeking health care — which is not only a necessity to leading a happy, healthy life, but a fundamental right.

In study after study, Latinos’ overall health has been found to be poorer than every other ethnic group in the U.S. There are various reasons for this disparity, including, but not limited to, economics and residency status. Frances G. Padilla, president of Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut, pushes to correct this injustice by educating, informing and advocating for universal access to quality health care for all.

“There is a high rate of lack of insurance in Latinos compared to blacks and whites,” says Padilla. “The challenge comes with chronic illness prevention and management. So it’s really important that Latinos have insurance, that they are covered either through medicaid or private insurance, and able to get to …

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Can Natural Remedies Work In Breast Cancer Treatment?


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Dr. Erin Hofstatter, a young research scientist and breast cancer specialist at Yale’s Smilow Cancer Hospital, often prescribes tamoxifen, raloxifene and similar drugs to her patients. The drugs “reduce your risk (of cancer recurring) by half … but they come with baggage,” she tells her patients, “hot flashes, night sweats, leg cramps, small risk of uterine cancer, small risk of blood clots, small risk of stroke, you have to get your liver tested.”

Hofstatter’s unease with standard treatments for breast cancer has spurred her to seek alternative, safer ways to treat breast cancer. To this end, she has begun a study of black cohosh, in the pill form of an herb from the buttercup family, used for thousands of years by Native Americans to treat menopausal symptoms.

“There’s data to suggest that [black cohosh] is protective,” she said, “both in breast cancer survivors and potentially …

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It’s Fresh Produce Season in Connecticut!

 Healthy Eating can be fun and delicious in the summer.   Eating fruits and vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet.  

 •They are low in calories, fat free and fruits have only natural sugar making them a perfect food for weight management.

 •They are rich in dietary fiber, which is an important component of a healthy diet.  We should be aiming for 25grams or more daily.

 •They are full of vitamins and minerals your body needs to function correctly.

Fruits make a great snack, they are delicious, many are just wash and eat. They pack easily.  They are naturally sweet.  Add fruits to a meal, put strawberries in a spinach salad, stew apples and pears with pork, Grilled peaches and plums make a great dessert.


 Vegetables are great with a meal, try grilling them along side your protein.  Have them …

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