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The Number Of Children Latinas Have May Have Impact On Their Heart Health




Hispanic women with five or more children are more likely to develop  the heart condition ventricular diastolic dysfunction, compared to women who have fewer children. The findings were consistent as the number of children a woman had increased.

The new study, conducted by Wake Forest School of Medicine, found 85 percent of Hispanic women with more than 5 children had ventricular diastolic dysfunction. Sixty-one to 63 percent of women with 2 to 4 children had the heart condition, and it was also present in 51 percent of Hispanic women who had not given birth.

“Diastolic dysfunction is a sign of the heart stiffening — potentially leading to heart failure and chronic cardiac disease,” Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum, who was not connected to the research, told HealthDay.

Women who have ventricular diastolic dysfunction experience an abnormal heart pumping cycle. According to the Texas Heart Institute, electrical signals in …

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Medicare Costs For Breast Cancer Screenings Soar, But Benefits Remain Unclear


Dr. David Gruen, director of Women's Imaging at Stamford Hospital, reviews  3D images  Photo: Stamford Hospital

Dr. David Gruen, director of Women’s Imaging at Stamford Hospital, reviews 3D images Photo: Stamford Hospital

Medicare-funded breast cancer screenings jumped 44 percent from $666 million to $962 million from 2001 to 2009, yet those added costs did not improve early detection rates among the 65 and older Medicare population, according to a Yale School of Medicine study published recently in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

The increase was due mostly to the use of costlier digital mammography ($115 per screening) compared to film mammography ($73 per screening), along with newer and expensive screening and adjunct technologies, including breast ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and biopsy. The study is the second from Yale since January 2013 to conclude that increased Medicare spending for breast cancer screening does not necessarily translate into better outcomes.

The latest study has spurred debate about the cost and value of mammography in …

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Alcoholism and Latinas: A Growing Concern

women depressed
Annika Darling

Hollywood movie star Elizabeth Pena passed away recently from “cirrhosis of the liver due to alcohol.” She was 55. In 2013, Elaine Rivera, an accomplished and incisive New York based journalist, died from the same thing. She was 54. These women had a few conclusive things in common: they were both Latina, they both struggled with alcoholism, and they both died, having barely reached middle age, from cirrhosis of the liver  – a fate becoming all too common within the Latina community.

While reports state that more than 14 million women binge drink about three times a month and consume about six drinks per binge, a specific group has been noted to be at greater risk: Latinas.

“Binge drinking is a problem for all women and girls, but it is most common in high school girls and young women, whites and Hispanics, and among women with household …

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