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Why A Hospital Is Taking Farm Workers Out Of The Field And Training Them As Medical Interpreters

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Angelica Isidro was the first interpreter hired by Indigenous Interpreters Plus. She interprets in Spanish and Mixteco.  For years Angelica had been informally interpreting for her community; interpreting over the phone while she worked her day job in the fields.  Credit: Nina Porzucki .


Folks from Salinas like to remind you that their valley is the “Salad Bowl of the World.” Not that you can forget. Everywhere you look there’s fields growing lettuce, strawberries, broccoli.

A growing number of the farm workers picking the broccoli and lettuce from those fields speak neither English nor Spanish but several Native Mexican languages like Mixtec, Triqui, Zapotec. How are ...

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Bridging The Health Care Gap For Many Latinos



SCSU Nursing students teach healthy eating habits at the Spanish Community of Wallingford.


Bill Sarno/CTLatinoNews.com

For many Hispanics living in Connecticut during the 1980s, the health care system care seemed alien and inaccessible, populated by nurses and other providers who did not talk like them, did not understand their culture and did not appreciate their financial barriers.

If a patient could only communicate effectively in Spanish, it might take a little effort but a translator usually could be found among the aides and physicians at a major medical center, such as Hartford Hospital. Or the housekeeping staff might help, recalled one longtime health care provider.

And if she was ...

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“Leukemia, You Messed With The Wrong Guy” – Latino Family Stands Strong In the Face Of Son’s Leukemia Diagnosis


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Annika Darling/CTLatinoNews.com

“My name is Christopher (Chris) Nieves and I am from East Hartford, Conn. I am the youngest ‘boy’ of seven children from Militza Nieves (Mami Millie) and Victor Nieves (Trikki Trikki). I am 16 years old, and at 16 years old you should be spending time with friends, enjoying life, and thinking about graduating high school. Cancer never really seems to be something you’re worried about, until now!” – Chris Nieves, Facebook post four days after blood cancer diagnosis.

Until now, Nieves spent his free time working as the muscle (assembly guy) at a family-owned DJ and sound rental business — Bulldog Audio DJs – where he ...

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