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Spanish Must Be The Language To Learn Because Spanish-Language Immersion Schools More Popular Than Ever

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Andrew Howell, a restaurant consultant in Washington D.C., wishes he would have grown up fully fluent in another language.

“I did not have that opportunity when I was a kid, and I think that learning more languages will open more possibilities for them,” he said, speaking of his young daughters Annabelle and Chiarra, who attend LAMB PCS, a Latin American Montessori bilingual public charter school in Washington, D.C.

Howell and his wife Lisette are part of a growing number of families enrolling their children in immersion schools, where half to all the curriculum is taught in a language other than English. There are over 1,000 language immersion schools in the country, according to Julie Sugarman, a researcher at the Center for Applied Linguistics, and the schools are growing in popularity.

Though one might think it’s Latino families who are mostly sending their children to …

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Study Says Latinos Will Benefit From President’s Community College Plan

A proposal by President Obama to offer free tuition for students attending community college could have a significant impact on Hispanics. More Hispanics are already enrolled in college than ever before and, among those who are, nearly half (46%) attend a public two-year school, the highest share of any race or ethnicity, according to U.S. Department of Education data.

Hispanics, Community CollegeHispanics make up a growing share of the nation’s nearly 7 million community college students. In 2013, 22% of all enrolled public two-year college students were Hispanics – a greater share than their makeup of all students – and that figure has risen from 14% in 2000. The share of black students in public community colleges increased at a much lower rate over the same time period, from 12% to 15%, while the share of white and Asian/Pacific Islander students declined.

There are several possible reasons why Hispanics who attend …

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‘One Child, Two Languages’ New Spanish Center for Young Children Enriches Lifelong Learning

Students at the  De Colores Language Center for Spanish language enrichment classes in West Hartford.

Students at the De Colores Language Center for Spanish language enrichment classes in West Hartford.

Lisa S. Lenkiewicz


The day a child suddenly announces the count “one, two, three,” is a proud moment for parents. Imagine the pride when that same English-speaking child also can say “uno, dos, tres.”

With the philosophy that exposing young children to a new language is beneficial to their brain development, longtime educator Maria Sierra has opened the De Colores Language Center for Spanish language enrichment classes.

Opening on Saturday, Jan. 24, the Center will offer elementary Spanish classes (ages 6-10) along with “Mommy & Me” Spanish classes (ages 18 months-2  years) and a preschool drop-in program (ages 3-5 years old). All classes are held on Saturdays in rented space at First Baptist Church, 90 North Main Street, in West Hartford.

Sierra used to operate the De Colores Early Learning Center, which was …

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