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6 College Scholarships Latinos Should Apply To Right Now

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Between 1993 and 2014, the enrollment of Latinos in college rose substantially. In 1993, only 22 percent of Latinos aged 18 to 24 attended either a two- or four-year college, according to Pew. By 2014, with about 2.3 million Latino students, the number jumped to 35 percent. And while enrollment for Latinos continues to grow, the cost of higher education can still prevent some from attending college or it may push others into taking on onerous loans.

Though the spring semester has just begun, it’s never too early to start thinking about summer and fall. That’s why we put together a list of scholarships meant to provide some


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Exclusive: What Dr. Nivea L. Torres Wants You To Know


Dr. Nivea L. Torres


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It’s been nearly three months since Dr. Nivea L. Torres has been able to work or even visit her office, and more than a month since her resignation became effective, but what Dr. Torres wanted to talk about in a recent interview with CTLatinoNews.com is about “Tomorrow’s Framework,” a strategic plan the Connecticut Technical High School System board formulated and she implemented.  It was designed to reshape the district’s mission and foster a greater awareness of its innovations and achievements in preparing the workforce of tomorrow, and while by all accounts it has been quite successful, ironically  it was also one of its ...

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Lawsuit Alleges Discrimination Against Latino Families in Holyoke, MA Public Schools

Photo credit: Masslive.com

Photo credit: Masslive.com

A lawsuit has been filed in federal court alleging human rights violations in Holyoke Public Schools.

The suit alleges the district fails to provide parents who speak limited English adequate translation services, including for educational documents regarding the children in their families.

“For at least two decades, HPS has routinely and repeatedly failed to translate important educational documents and communications to LEP Parents,” the lawsuit reads. “This includes notices of meetings, evaluations, proposed individual education plans (‘IEPs’), final IEPs, disciplinary notices, student and parent handbooks, anti-bullying information, notices of events, authorizations for release of information, health plans, nursing materials, documents related to extracurricular activities, progress reports, special ...

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