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Supporters: Financial Aid For Undocumented College Students Is The Right Thing

Mark Ojakian, President, CSU

Mark Ojakian, President of the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities


Bill Sarno


In an atmosphere of severe stress on the state budget with the governor threatening layoffs and funds for hospitals and other state services on the chopping block, a bill advancing through the legislature would allow students who are not really citizens to tap into financial aid funds that the state’s colleges and universities now only can provide to students who are U.S. citizens or have legal immigrant status.

What separates this measure from the struggle to cut hundreds of millions of dollars from the state budget without raising taxes, say supporters, is that it would not ...

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When Others Did Not Believe In Them, They Believed In Themselves

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Retired education administrator, Hattie Beauchamp was placed in business classes, not in college track classes.

Bill Sarno


When Hattie Beauchamp was a young Latina growing up in Waterbury her mother gave her a plaque that reads “Climb Until Your Dream Comes True.” The plaque has remained with her, providing inspiration while she earned several college degrees, raised a family and served more than 35 years as an educator and role model to Hispanics in her hometown.

Climbing the ladder of success for Beauchamp, now a retiree living in Florida, and many other Latinos in Connecticut has not been easy because some rungs have been a bit shaky or even ...

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How Son Of Migrant Farm Workers Became An Astronaut

Photo credit: money cnn.com

Photo credit: money.cnn.com


Millions of kids dream of going into space. But Jose Hernandez made that dream a reality — and he did so against incredible odds.

As the son of Mexican migrant farm workers, his education was constantly interrupted as his family followed the changing crops. Often, they would spend December through February in Mexico.

Hernandez and his siblings would home school themselves with assignments from their American teachers during those months. But with all of the constant interruptions, Hernandez didn’t become fluent in English until he was 12.

But through perseverance, Hernandez managed to earn a Master’s degree in electrical and computer engineering from the University of ...

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