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Aída Álvarez On Blazing a Trail To The Boardroom

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Presidential cabinet administrator, award-winning investigative journalist, news anchor, investment banker, public servant, commissioner, and corporate board director are only a few of the titles Aída Álvarez has held over the course of her illustrious career. But for the Harvard cum laude graduate, this is only the beginning.

“I’ve always believed that no matter what your job description says, it is up to you to actually invent the job,” says Álvarez. A quick look at some of the roles she has held, and one can see that this idea of striving for excellence and creating your own job description is integral to her work ethic.

She began her ...

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Mexican Billionaire Carlos Slim: Trump presidency Might Be Good For Mexico







Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim said a Donald Trump presidency could be good news for Mexico — and warned that the president-elect could cost the U.S. its place as the world’s leader.

“I would be more worried if I were an American,” he said in an interview with Bloomberg Television on Thursday. “If you are going to close the economy, it is bad. He has the risk to lose the international leadership of the United States,” said Slim, who is one of the world’s richest people.

The U.S.’s main challenge today, he said, is losing its leading position in the global tech arena.

“You are the ...

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New Report: Undocumented Immigrants Play A Vital Role In State’s Economy

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Bill Sarno/CTLatinoNews.com

In Connecticut, if you need a software developer or someone to paint your house, most likely an immigrant will get the job.

For those dining at a restaurant, there is a one in three probability that the food will be prepared by a foreign-born cook using vegetables raised and harvested by immigrant workers.

There is also a good chance that the doctor who treats you was trained abroad and that the health aide who cares for you is an immigrant.

A new Connecticut-specific report states that foreign-born residents make up 14 percent of the state’s population, have earned nearly $19 billion, or 13.8 percent of all income produced ...

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