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Bank of America Freezes Family’s Accounts After Demanding Proof of Citizenship

bank-of-america-4-logo-png-transparentA Kansas couple says Bank of America blocked access to the account they’ve had with the bank since the early 2000s after they ignored a form demanding proof of citizenship from the husband, who happens to be a native of Wichita.

Josh Collins and Jessica Salazar Collins say they assumed the form was a scam, given their long relationship with the bank, but when they showed up at a bank branch, access was denied, with a flag next to Josh’s name saying “citizenship”. The account was unfrozen after he supplied a driver’s license.

Bank of America, which recently moved to stop lending to companies that make assault rifles, did not ...

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Leader of Latino Business Group Steps Down Amid Sexual Harassment Claims


Javier Pal;mares, Photo credit: USHCC

Javier Palomares,                     Photo credit: USHCC

The head of a prominent Latino business organization is leaving his job amid allegations of financial impropriety and sexual harassment.

Late Monday, directors of the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce announced that the group’s president and chief executive, Javier Palomarez, would step aside.

“After much deliberation and careful consideration for the future of the USHCC,” the board said, “Mr. Palomarez and the board of directors have mutually agreed to undergo a leadership transition for the organization effective immediately.”

The board made no mention of the allegations that have enveloped its chief executive, saying only that it was committed to “dignity, respect, and a ...

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Op-ED – Puerto Rico: The Battle For Paradise

Photo: mostphoto.com

Photo: mostphoto.com

Like everywhere else in Puerto Rico, the small mountain city of Adjuntas was plunged into total darkness by Hurricane Maria. When residents left their homes to take stock of the damage, they found themselves not only without power and water, but also totally cut off from the rest of the island. Every single road was blocked, either by mounds of mud washed down from the surrounding peaks, or by fallen trees and branches. Yet amid this devastation, there was one bright spot.

A Solar Oasis

Just off the main square, a large, pink colonial-style house had light shining through every window. It glowed like a beacon in the ...

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