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For Those Whole Love Comic Books…A Latinocomicon

Photo credit: Hector Rodriquez/DallsObserver.com

Photo credit: Hector Rodriquez/DallsObserver.com


Hector Rodriguez knew that a portion of the lower-income community struggles to attend conventions because of their expensive fees. He decided that it was time for the Latino community to have a chance to attend a comic convention for free.

Last year, the Latino Cultural Center (2600 Live Oak St.) hosted the Texas Latino Comic Con, the first of its kind in Texas. The convention returns to the same venue July 28 and again will offer free admission.

The event will highlight the representation of the Latino community in comics, as well as Latino artists, writers and creators in the comic book community.

“Our stories


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Redefining What It Means To Be ‘American’ Through Art


NBMMA alessandro-ciccarelli-view-of-rio-de-janeiro

Painting by Alessandro Ciccarelli on display at the New Britain Museum of American Art’s  ‘Vistas del Sur’ exhibit.


Annika Darling/CTLatinoNews.com

Today, more than ever, people are asking what it means to be American. Demographics are ever changing and cultures are contiguous and commingling. In response, the art world has begun exploring this cultural shift.

With her newest exhibit: “Vistas del Sur,” the director at the New Britain Museum of American Art, Min Jung Kim, is exploring what it means to be “American” by examining and broadening the definition of “American art.”

“We will look back historically and bring more contemporary American art in exhibitions touching on the notion ...

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‘We’ve Always Been The Designated Enemy:’ John Leguizamo Schools Us On Latino History

john leguizamo morons


Actor, comedian, writer, social activist and and overall buena gente (good guy) John Leguizamo has a bone to pick with the teaching of American history in our classrooms.

In his new solo piece, “Latin History for Morons,” not only does he pick that bone, he unearths the ways in which Latinos have given everything they are to make the United States what it is today.

Considering the current political climate, Leguizamo’s lessons couldn’t be more timely or necessary.

We spoke with John about his play, Latino history and the way he successfully engages with detractors.

What was your most eye opening moment in Latino history?

There were ...

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