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New Britain ‘Borinqueneers’ Park Clears Yet Another Hurdle

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Connecticut is well on its way to creating a special place to honor the service and sacrifices of the 65th Infantry Regiment, the Borinqueneers, especially with the leaders of the “host city” for the long-awaited monument park, New Britain, agreeing to the importance of having input in the final stages from Latinos who have been spearheading this project for several years.

For a while, the issue of how to accommodate Latino participation in an endeavor which now falls under local government control, posed a stumbling block that could delay the timely completion of a monument eagerly awaited by the state’s Latino community and by the surviving Borinqueneer ...

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Leading Republican: Borinqueneers Monument Noble But Not With State Funding

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Bill Sarno

Editor’s Update: On Tuesday, July 12, the $300,000 for the monument in New Britain honoring the ‘Borinqueneers’ was approved.

For members of Connecticut’s Puerto Rican community who have been working for several years to create a memorial park in New Britain  to honor the 65th Regiment Infantry “Borinqueneers,” it is a recognition that is needed, warranted and should become a reality as soon as possible.

However, a leading Republican legislator last week said a proposed grant for a monument in the park is among the items for state bonding allocations that are unjustified and reflect Democratic financial mismanagement.

“Projects like this monument can be paid ...

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Borinqueneer Award Ceremony – Connecticut Photo Gallery

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The  Congressional Gold Medal presented to Borinqueneers in attendance, sponsored by Borinqueneers Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony National Committee


Last week, the Congressional Gold Medal was presented to the “Borinqueneers”.  In attendance was a delegation from Connecticut for the historic ceremony, including ‘Borinqueneers”  Jose Pickard and Celestino Cordova, who both served in the 65th military regiment during the Korean War.   The segregated infantry unit consisted of soldiers from Puerto Rico who fought valiantly in three wars for the United states, despite being subjected to discrimination and other harsh treatment.   Proud of their heritage, they nicknamed themselves the “Borinqueneers” as standing up for themselves.  This past week’s ceremony was the culmination ...

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