Candidate Under Fire After Hit-and-Run in Unregistered Vehicle


Christina Ayala, Democratic candidate for the 128th House District, is catching criticism in the wake of an automobile accident one day after winning a primary on Aug. 14.
According to CT Post columnist Keila Torres Occasio, “… witnesses said [Ayala] ran a red light with two children in the backseat of her unregistered car, crashed into another car and drove off. She only stopped after she was flagged down by one of the witnesses. That same witness spent more than three minutes telling a 911 dispatcher that the police needed to hurry up because he was worried Ayala was going to take off again. When police arrived, Ayala was charged with evading responsibility, failure to obey a traffic signal and failure to renew her vehicle’s registration.”
Ayala, 27, of Bridgeport, appeared in Superior Court in Bridgeport yesterday, Sept. 11, and had her court case continued until Oct. 16 at her attorney’s request “for further investigation,” according to another Connecticut Post article.
Torres Occasio thinks Ayala deserves more than just court punishment for her actions. She wrote, ” Yes, everyone makes mistakes. But let’s be honest here. Breaking laws when you’re running for a chance to create laws is not a mistake. It’s proof of a serious lack of good judgment. This is the woman they expect to make decisions in Hartford on Bridgeport’s behalf?”
“[C]andidates for office need to either follow the law or not run for office. Since Christina Ayala didn’t do the former, she should do the latter. Bridgeport deserves better.”