California's Largest Spanish-Language Newspaper Slams Obama On Deportation


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Credit: Wikimedia Commons
California daily La Opinión slammed President Barack Obama’s deportation policy in an editorial published Monday, calling for him to use executive authority to rein in his administration’s record-setting pace of deportations.
The prominent Spanish-language newspaper became the latest to join a growing chorus of voices on the left demanding that Obama offer relief from deportations in the face of congressional inaction on immigration reform.
“It is time for the White House to take another step to decrease the pressure that now exists over the undocumented,” La Opinón wrote, continuing, “to review in detail all the options within its reach to prevent the deportation of people with deep roots in this country…”
The paper praised the president’s previous uses of executive authority to curb deportations, including the 2012 “Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals” program, which exempts undocumented immigrants brought here illegally as children from deportation for a renewable two-year period.
But the paper criticized Obama’s immigration record in harsh terms, brushing off the president’s description of himself as a “champion-in-chief” of immigration reform at a town hall event last week co-sponsored by the paper’s parent company, ImpreMedia.
“Obama recently called himself the “champion-in-chief” on immigration reform—a title that, without legislative approval of reform, only reflects the impotence of what he was unable to achieve,” the paper wrote.
During last week’s town hall, Obama defended his record as he has in the past, saying that he’s done all he can to ease deportations until Congress sends him an immigration reform bill to sign.
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