Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur


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Credit: Wikimedia Commons
The lack of enough Latinos graduating with engineering degrees and the few with an entrepreneurial talent are one of the biggest frustrations for the Hispanic organizations.
The founders of “Manos Accelerator” believe that Latinos need help to create a new robust generation of Latino entrepreneurs with programs that provides “hands-on” education, business resources, infrastructure, capital, and guidance for promising startup companies led by Latinos, moving them on to a fast track to success.
Edward Avila, Sylvia Flores and David Lopez founded “Manos Accelerator” to develop programs that identifies the needs for creating a new attitude to dramatically change the fact that less than 1% of the startups are founded by Latinos.
Sylvia Flores knows how hard is to run a business and wants to explain to the young generations of Latinos being an entrepreneur.
Born and raised in San Jose (California), the capital of Silicon Valley, Sylvia Flores, was the first engineer of her Mexican roots family.
She worked for IBM during the dotcom era, before pursuing her first start-up, a directory of Latino companies that ultimately pivoted into a tech services provider.
In 2003, she worked with President of Mexico, Vicente Fox, to establish a technology incubator for Mexican entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley.
She has also served as the Regional National Vice President for the Society of the Hispanic Professional Engineers.
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