'Banning Shakespeare' Tells Unsettling Story of Latino Education in Arizona (w/video)


A new documentary film, Outlawing Shakespeare, details the decision of officials in the state of Arizona to outlaw “controversial” books and authors.The list of these publications include works by William Shakespeare.
 According to Latin Heat Entertainment, Outlawing Shakespeare examines the possibility of rebellion in Tucson, and explores the fear of a Latino majority in Arizona, based on a law passed in Tucson (HB 2281), which bans the teaching of Mexican American Studies. The filmmakers also explore the controversial statement of United Farm Workers co-founder Dolores Huerta who said, “Republicans hate Latinos.” Latin Heat Entertainment says, “The filmmakers believe it is just an excuse.”
The film is produced by executive producer Gabriel Buelna, executive director of Plaza Community Services in East Los Angeles, and produced/directed by Fernando James Orozco, who has been a producer for CNN, TV Guide Channel, and Outdoor Network. Both men raised the $25,000 from private citizens, friends and family and started filming last February and finished this past September.
According to Latino Entertainment, Buelna and Orosco believed that, “Once the Mexican American studies program became successful that’s when politicians in Arizona felt threatened and put their energies in fear mongering and set out to destroy it.”
Buelna and Orosco fear the ban of Mexican American studies is racist, and is not just a state problem but can continue on a national level.
Outlawing Shakespeare is being distributed independently through various social media markets, and has received a bit of backlash and denial from interviewees.
Watch the complete Outlawing Shakespeare documentary below.