Backers Outline Their Support for McMahon vs. Murphy

post_author asked a Democrat and Republican to outline why they thought Latinos should vote for either Linda McMahon, the Republican, or Chris Murphy, the Democrat, in the open U.S. Senate race. Voters head to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 6.
Unintentionally, it turns out both responses are from Latinas and both women are from West Hartford. It’s a coincidence because neither campaign knew who was writing the submissions.
The opinions expressed are entirely those of the authors and do not reflect the views of Because the Republican Party has the top line, Ruby Barba’s support of McMahon is presented first followed by Evelyn Mantilla’s article in support of Murphy. We welcome comments below on their viewpoints. All comments are moderated before they are posted.

Why Latinos Should Vote for Linda McMahon

By Ruby Barba
As a member of Connecticut’s Latino community, I am supporting Linda McMahon because she is the only candidate for U.S. Senate that has a plan to put people back to work and get our economy moving again. Connecticut’s unemployment rate is much too high at nearly 9%, but even worse, Connecticut’s unemployment rate among Hispanics is nearly double that. Linda McMahon has a proven record of creating good jobs right here in Connecticut, and I know she will fight for more good jobs as a U.S. senator.
Unfortunately, Linda’s opponent doesn’t have a plan to put Latinos back to work. In fact, in the six years that Congressman Murphy has been in Washington, his failed policies have led to unemployment doubling, 90% more Connecticut citizens on food stamps, and 20% more families in poverty. Congressman Murphy’s record is unacceptable. Connecticut deserves better from its elected representatives in Washington.
I also appreciate the fact that Linda McMahon has been reaching out directly to Connecticut’s Latino voters for the entire campaign. Instead of just advertising in Latino newspapers and on Hispanic radio like some candidates do, Linda has also done interviews on Latino networks like Univision, conducted campaign events in the homes of Latino supporters (including myself), and visited Hispanic-focused charitable organizations in Connecticut’s urban communities.
Just like all voters in Connecticut, Latino voters are most concerned with having a good job that can support a family and maintaining a strong national economy so they can plan for the future in a stable economic environment. Linda’s plan to put people back to work, cut middle class taxes, and get America’s economy back on track is the main reason why I support her and why I know she has such great support in the Latino community. Any Latino voter who is concerned with putting people back to work and improving our economy should vote for Linda McMahon for the U.S. Senate on Election Day.
(Ruby Barba resides in West Hartford.)

Why Latino Voters Should Vote for Chris Murphy

By Evelyn Mantilla
For tens of thousands of Latinos across Connecticut, 2012’s U.S. Senate candidates offer very different visions for our country and our communities throughout our state.  As more Latinos open businesses, start families and retire, the issues that face Americans everywhere will be many of the same issues deciding our votes. Latino business owners will vote for the candidate that will invest in our economy and bring jobs to our state. Latino seniors will vote for the candidate willing to protect the benefits they’ve worked for and deserve. And Latino families will vote for the candidate they believe will work to restore America to the country they can pass on to their children and grandchildren with pride – giving them an even better chance at success. Chris Murphy is that candidate.
Murphy is a product of the working class.  His mother grew up poor, got support from her community, lived according to her strong sense of values, and was able to start a family of her own in the middle class.  That’s why Murphy’s career has been focused on supporting working families in Connecticut.  He’s made crucial investments in education and worked to protect the benefits that seniors have earned over a lifetime.
Murphy’s opponent, Linda McMahon, is a Republican wrestling CEO whose policies are copied-and-pasted from Washington Republicans only interested in millionaires and billionaires.  While Murphy supports tax cuts for the middle class, McMahon would give herself a $7 million tax cut and lower taxes for companies that ship jobs overseas.  She wants to slash spending for important government programs that provide low and middle income families with access to health care, education, and training.  McMahon’s first priority in Washington would be to undo the progress that our economy has made under President Obama over the last four years.
Mrs. McMahon would like us to believe she knows and understands what middle-class and poor Latino families face every day but her record as a business woman and candidate tells us a different story. McMahon as a Senator would be devastating to seniors – supporting Paul Ryan’s notorious plan to privatize Medicare and gamble away the benefits families have earned over a lifetime of hard work.  National and local seniors’ organizations have endorsed Murphy and said that McMahon’s plans would increase healthcare costs for seniors by thousands of dollars every year.
On other crucial issues like education and immigration, McMahon won’t tell us where she stands, but when she campaigns with right-wing Republicans, it’s clear that she’d vote in lockstep with them in Washington. While she makes desperate attempts in her ads now to align herself with President Obama and the progress he has made, we won’t be fooled. Chris Murphy has fought for Latinos in Connecticut in Harford and in Washington, and we know from his record that he’ll fight for us in the Senate. I will be there for Chris Murphy on November 6 because I know he will be there for our families. I hope you will too!
Evelyn Mantilla of West Hartford served in the CT House of Representatives from Hartford for 10 years.