Back to School Can Be for Parents, Too


While parents around the country are spending August helping their kids gear up for a return to the classroom, many adults can easily forget that it could be that time for them, too. With a little extra time, a dollop of passion for learning and not a lot of money, you too can be back to school this fall.
According to an article from Fox Latino News, the federal government offers affordable adult education classes and programs throughout the United States – and many of them are free, offered in places like community centers, public schools and community colleges.
Here’s a list of just a few federally sponsored classes:

  • GED preparation. A GED diploma is equivalent to a high school diploma and is the first step to getting a better job. Many adult education programs offer prep classes to help you get a GED diploma. Find the nearest GED testing center by entering your ZIP code at
  • Career and technical education. These popular programs give busy adults practical education and training through work certifications. Well-paying career training includes classes on plumbing, office administration, electronics, mechanics, carpentry, health and even computers.
  • English classes. These classes are designed for adults who want to learn how to speak, read or write in English to find themselves better jobs. The classes offer flexible schedules to accommodate people who work and have family obligations.
  •  Citizenship classes. If you are a legal permanent resident and are trying to become a U.S. citizen, you might be interested in taking a citizenship prep class at your local adult school. These classes offer everything you need to know to take the history and civics tests required by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. You will also have the opportunity to practice the required citizenship interview.
  • Education orientation and help for disabled students. Adult education schools have counselors who can help students choose classes certifications may help them get a better job. They also have tools to help people with disabilities access classes and programs to take full advantage of the resources available.

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