Arizona Race Heats Up for Potential First Puerto Rican in US Senate (w/video)


The race between Richard Carmona, former U.S. Surgeon General, and U.S. Rep. Jeff Flake is getting more heated as Carmano stands a good shot at becoming the first Puerto Rican elected to the United States Senate.
NBC political director sent a tweet last week saying, “Flake’s campaign had ‘gone nuclear,’ adding that it’s safe to say that the Arizona Senate contest is a race because of the ferocity of the attack.”
The “nuclear” attack is a Flake campaign ad that quotes Dr. Cristina V. Beato alleging Carmona angrily pounded on her door one night when she was his boss. She said Carmona had anger issues and she had testified before Congress about what had happened under oath.
That ad prompted a quick response from Carmona, including an ad featuring his former SWAT team commander. He also went on local TV news to fire back at his accuser. “She repeatedly tried to politicize science and I refused,” said Carmano, calling the Latina’s attack “baseless” and accusing her of lying.

A news account about Carmano and his Latina accuser.