Alleged Mortgage Aid Scam Victim Gets 4-Week Reprieve


Ramon Lopez’s day in court has brought him more good news. Nothing can be done to evict him for at least four weeks a judge has ruled.
Lopez is the alleged victim of a mortgage modification scam by a California law firm called The State Law Group. As reported previously on, Lopez paid the firm, which is not licensed to practice in Connecticut, more than $5000 in fees. State Law Group allegedly did nothing, causing Wells Fargo, the mortgage holder, to foreclose on Lopez’s New Britain home in March.
His attorney William Rivera said the court issued a stay until Aug. 27. That effectively freezes any motions Wells Fargo, through its Farmington law firm Bendett & McCugh, could file against Lopez. The judge has asked Wells Fargo to take another look at the circumstances behind the foreclosure. The bank’s attorneys said in court they will be in touch with Wells Fargo to see what it wants done on the case.
Rivera said it was encouraging that the judge also suggested the case could possibly be re-opened by the court on its own. “We’re hoping that’s the case,” he said. Previously, Rivera had thought there was only a 10 percent likelihood that could happen.
Lopez was set to be evicted from his home on July 26, but that was stayed when Rivera was successful in petitioning the court to hold yesterday’s hearing on the motion.