A Tribute To The 'Borinqueneers' And The Valuable Lesson They Taught Us


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By Diane Alverio

So often, we are asked why we created CTLatinoNews.com;  the answer is simple – the story of Latinos was just not being told in other English language media.  What has been reported in the past is such a small portion of the entire picture of who Latinos are and the role we have played not only in this country’s history, but also every single day, be it through our jobs, as consumers and volunteers, in the military or as active civic members of our community.
When I read about the Borinqueneers a few years ago in another English language online news site for Latinos, I was so struck by their story:  a Hispanic/American story that had not been widely told.   So many young Puerto Ricans who proudly answered the call of duty, to find themselves ridiculed, ostracized and insulted for no other reason than how they spoke, what  they ate and the color of their skin.
Yet, they fought valiantly, in some of the fiercest wars this country has seen and, despite the discrimination they faced, proudly nicknamed themselves the Borinqueneers to honor their homeland and let everyone know they were proud to be from Puerto Rico.
CTLatinoNews.com has been covering their story for the last two years and the national grassroots effort to ensure these soliders, an estimated 100,000 of them, finally get their due respect.
Their sacrifices, along with those of countless other veterans,  have led to providing the U.S. with the freedom for its citizenry to pursue a better life and the privileges and opportunities many of us enjoy.   The CTLatinoNews.com team adds its heartfelt thanks to the ‘Borinqueneers” and we offer this special tribute edition to honor all of you,  and especially to let you know how grateful we are for  the priceless lesson you have left us with:  your  unwavering dedication and pride in your Latino heritage, indeed, it will forever be  a very special part of your legacy.