A Look at 10 Biggest Gaffes About Latinos in 2012


Have an opinion about the biggest gaffes about Latinos in 2012? Huffington Post Latino Voices has compiled a list of its Top 10 for 2012, including one from a Connecticut politician. See if you agree with any of them.
East Haven Mayor Joseph Maturo Jr. has the “distinction” of being included on the list for his insensitive words after cops in his town were rounded up by the Justice Department. Maturo said he “might have tacos” when asked what he’d do for the Latino community after four police officers were arrested on charges of racial profiling.
Topping its list is Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s recommendation that illegal immigrants should practice self-deportation. “Unsurprisingly, Romney backed away from the phrase shortly after taking it for a test spin in the GOP primary, but it reappeared during the presidential debates.”
Also on the list is Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, famous for the zealous crackdowns on illegal immigration that have led to investigations by the Justice Department and a civil lawsuit. He says that he’s “never had any problems with a Latino” and that Hispanics “love” him.
The complete list includes more comments from Romney, as well as Ann Coulter, Bill O’Reilly and comedian Adam Carolla, who says Mexicans don’t like to study, in spite of having the second-highest levels of education achievement in Latin America behind Chile.