7 Latinos Missing From Baseball’s Hall Of Fame



Credit: Flickr Public Domain
Among Latino fans of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Fernando Valenzuela is a baseball immortal. They remember or have heard of Fernandomania and how he filled Dodger Stadium with Hispanics as never before and changed baseball in the City of Angels.
But they are usually stunned to learn that Valenzuela, one of the team’s all-time great pitchers and now starting another season as a Dodgers Spanish broadcaster, isn’t in baseball’s Hall of Fame.
Fernando, though, isn’t the only Latino great missing from Cooperstown, which seems hard to believe today with Latinos such a dominant force in baseball, and with Detroit Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera having just signed the biggest contract in American pro sports history.
Cabrera, 30, the American League Triple Crown winner in 2012, appears headed to one day be in the Hall of Fame. But this raises the question of just which great Latino players other than Valenzuela aren’t in Cooperstown.
Here are VOXXI.com’s Top Latino ballplayers who have been left out of the Hall of Fame:
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