6 Major Areas Latinos Face Discrimination



Facing and dealing with discrimination is a part of life for many Latinos, according to several recent studies and reports.

“The fastest growing demographic in the country over indexes when it comes to jail houses and pregnant teenagers, but falls short when it comes to boardrooms and graduate degrees,” Amy Deruy wrote for ABC News. “That’s because Hispanics face roadblocks to success that other people, especially white men, don’t have to worry about.”

The report went on to say that discrimination against Latinos manifested in six areas: employment, housing, education, health, criminal justice, and voting rights.

Data from a Pew Research Center found that 70 percent of adults believe that Latinos face discrimination, and according to the American Bar Association’s Commission o Hispanic Legal Rights and Responsibilities, Latinos are often treated unfairly when it comes to work and accessing higher education.

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(Photo by mind on fire via Flickr)