“Take the Time,” Hartford Hospital’s Mobile Mammography Program, has been a vital community resource for over nine years.
More than 11,000 women have benefited from this life-saving screening in the comfort of their local community center, faith organization, or place of employment.  These women were encouraged to take the time to be screened, and many have been referred on for more health services as a result.
Based on our success, Hartford Hospital has now upgraded its mobile mammography program to provide digital screening mammograms.  Digital mammography is state-of-the-art for screening mammography, more sensitive than film mammography and better able to detect abnormalities.
Our digital unit is housed in a coach that patients can board for the service. 
In addition, the coach contains a registration area, a patient waiting area and two changing rooms.  Patient privacy is maintained at all times.  The new digital mammography coach is staffed with the same friendly, experienced, professional staff that has become Hartford Hospital’s signature since the inception of the program.  With this new digital program, we are able to travel greater distances and serve populations in rural and more underserved areas, as well as continue our service in our urban communities.
Insurance is accepted.  
If a woman has no insurance, donated funds are available to pay for her mammogram.

  • Women over the age of 40.
  • Women whose last mammogram was more than 12 months ago.
  • Women who have no breast problems such as suspicious lumps, abnormal swelling, bleeding from nipples, or unusual tenderness.
  • Women who are not pregnant.
  • Women who have not had any type of breast biopsy or breast surgery since their last mammogram.
  • Women who have not had a history of breast cancer in the past three years.

If you are interested in scheduling the Mobile Mammography unit at your location, please contact the Mobile Mammography Team at 860-972-1141 or email us at