Girl Scouting’s mission statement is to build girls of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place. One way we do this is through the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. The GSLE gives girl the three keys of leadership – Discover, Connect, and Take Action. Girls work through these keys as they use Leadership Journeys. In the Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting, girls expand their skills through badges & awards. Local program opportunities connect girls to a variety of topics.  Here is a sampling of our programs. 

Girl Safety

Girl safety is a priority, and we have a many programs to help girls stay out of harm’s way in any situation. Our exclusive signature program Girlz R.U.L.E®  teaches girls to avoid bullying by teaching self-respect, respect for others, and conflict resolution. Other programs, such as the Kids on the Block puppet performances, help girls educate each other about bus safety, bullying, and other safety issues. Girl Scouts has also partnered with Microsoft to develop Let Me Know (LMK), a website focused on internet safety.

Expanding Education

College Knowledge, for Seniors and Ambassadors, is held on a college campus and gives girls the opportunity to select from a number of “classes” during the day. Girls choose from college prep topics such as Funding Your  College Experience, Choosing the College for You, or Essay Writing, and workshops to help girls adjust to life on campus such as Roommate Realities, Life Skills, and Campus Activities. Girls are able to meet and speak with college students in order to better understand what college is like.

Reaching Out

Girl Scouts Beyond Bars is a unique program that helps incarcerated mothers and their daughters develop skills they need to deal with issues that arise once mom is released from prison. Girl Scouting in Detention Centers helps incarcerated girls cultivate positive values and a stronger social conscience through a variety of activities.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

We offer several programs that encourage girls of every age to start exploring science, technology, engineering and mathematic subjects with confidence. Girls can join astronomy clubs to explore the stars, build and program robots in the FIRST LEGO League, learn about flight and how to build rockets, practice every day science in Kitchen Kemistry, and more.  Two comprehensive programs written for adults help leaders deliver STEM programming to girls.  Mix It Up! Guiding Middle School Girls to Success focuses on financial literacy and STEM, while showing girls the possibilities their futures can hold. STEM Series for Girls in Grades 4-8: A Pathways Turnkey Model helps adults deliver the “It’s Your Planet – Love It!” Breathe and Get Moving Leadership Journeys to girls in later elementary and middle school.

Financial Literacy

Girls learn money management, business ethics, people skills, goal setting, and decision making through cookie program  and fall product sales. Girls also have the opportunity to earn badges based on the cookie program  and money-focused proficiency badges found in the Girls Guide to Girl Scouting and learn all about finances through programs like Penny Power. Mix It Up! Guiding Middle School Girls to Success  focuses on financial literacy and STEM, while showing girls the possibilities their futures can hold.


Girls develop the ability to lead through the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Girls explore how they can Take Action through the three Journeys – It’s Your World – Change It!, It’s Your Planet – Love It!, and It’s Your Story – Tell It! Twice a year girls in middle and high school are invited to take Program Aide Training where they learn what to expect from various age groups, how to adapt activities, how to work with groups of younger girls, and how to plan and implement meaningful experience for youth. Cadettes become familiar with the LIA award which they can earn as they help Brownies work on their leadership Journeys. Teens also get the opportunity to learn, grow, and hone leadership and other skills during It’s A Girl Thing. During the event girls choose from a variety of workshops, such as stress management, public speaking, and personal organization.  


By literacy, we don’t just mean reading, but also writing, communicating effectively and processing ideas. All have a huge impact on a girl’s success. Many of our patch programs involve elements of research and sharing knowledge. Our Flat Juliette program encourages girls to communicate with others in their community and around the world through letters and postcards to share Juliette’s story.  

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