3rd District Candidates Explain Why Latinos Should Vote for Them


CTLatinoNews.com has reached out to the Republican and Democratic candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives in the five Connecticut Congressional Districts and asked them to explain why Latinos should vote for them. We thought it would be a good opportunity for Latino voters to see how well the candidates understand the issues important to them.
The Republican candidate response is presented first because that party has the top line on the ballot. The Democratic candidate response is presented second.

Wayne Winsley

11 Hackett St. Naugatuck
Bio: Wayne Winsley was born in Cleveland Ohio, raised by his Great grandmother. He is a U.S. Navy veteran, and a radio broadcaster who worked on-air in CT. for 20years. He currently works as a motivational speaker.
Why should Latinos vote for you?
Latinos, like all other immigrant groups come to this country because in America, you can do, be, or achieve, anything you wish through a combination of education, determination, and hard work. That is the promise of America.
I am running for U.S. congress to help more people move from food stamps to full-time employment, remove the barriers and uncertainty especially for small and medium sized businesses so that they can start hiring again, and to ensure that more of our children are fully educated and prepared for the modern workforce. That is how we will restore the promise of America.
I will also work hard to streamline the immigration process so that it is easier for more immigrants to legally enter America and work.

Rosa DeLauro

: 49 Huntington Street, New Haven
Bio: For Rosa, her work has been and will always be about helping people. Since coming to Congress, she has built a reputation as a hard-working, passionate, and forthright advocate for her constituents, an honest broker who works with members of all parties, and a leader on matters of domestic and social policy.
Why should Latinos vote for you?
I believe strongly in the immigrant experience that connects so many Americans. The journey that my parents and grandparents made from Amalfi, Italy to New Haven is a story with which many Hispanic people can identify. I know my parents taught me the same values many Hispanic parents teach their children–that in life, hard work, family,community and education come first.
Whether a family came to this country in the last century or just yesterday, the aspirations and dreams of immigrants to this country remain the same–we all want the opportunity for a good job, a decent education for our children, safe neighborhoods, affordable health care–and economic security in our old age. We share the same American dream.
And in America today, we face many of the same challenges–real and difficult economic challenges. The Latino community has been hit particularly hard in this recession, with unemployment rates exceeding the national average.
We must build a strong economy, foster opportunities for everyone, and help families to make it on their own. The Hispanic and Latino community in America is increasingly making its presence felt in every aspect of our society and this community has become a force in American politics that will only become stronger in the years and decades ahead.
We need comprehensive immigration reform that reunites families and includes a pathway to legal status in the United States. And The DREAM Act should be law. I was proud to vote for it when Democrats held Congress, and we made it a priority to get the bill through the House before it faltered in the Senate. Young people who grew up in the United States, who have graduated from U.S. high schools, and who have served in the U.S. military, should not see their futures limited by current immigration laws. The Latino community deserves better from this nation.
The Hispanic community also recognizes that education is crucially important. I have always fought to ensure that our schools have the resources they need to provide a quality education for all our children. But we still must do more, including making higher education more affordable.
I will continue everyday to work to bring your voices to the Congress, I don’t take your trust lightly. I ask for your support and your vote.