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Obama To Hartford Youth: “Inspire, Connect, Change”

The Obama Foundation’s Community Leadership Corps (CLC) program is coming to Hartford. 100 young people will be chosen to participate in a six-month training program aimed at developing the next wave of community leaders. Hartford is one of just two cities to be elected to participate in the summer program.

The CLC bills itself as “an opportunity for young people ages 18-25 to come together and develop projects that address opportunities and challenges in their community.” Hartford was selected, in great part due to its youth population. According to the U.S. Census, the city’s largest age group consists of residents under the age of 18, making up over 30% of the total population.

Hartford is also very diverse. The same data finds that 29.8% of the population is white, 38.7% is black, 2.8% is Asian, 23.9% are another race, 4.2% are mixed race, and 43.4% are Hispanic or Latino. Over 33% of residents are of Puerto Rican descent.

As Vanessa De La Torre writes in Obama Foundation Picks Hartford For Leadership Training Initiative, diversity is chore to the foundation’s inspire, connect, bring about change mission.



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