1st District Candidate Explains Why Latinos Should Vote for Him


CTLatinoNews.com has reached out to the Republican and Democratic candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives in the five Connecticut Congressional Districts and asked them to explain why Latinos should vote for them. We thought it would be a good opportunity for Latino voters to see how well the candidates understand the issues important to them.
The Republican candidate response is presented first because that party has the top line on the ballot. The Democratic candidate response is presented second.
Here is the Republican response for the 1st Congressional District.

John Henry Decker

Address: P.O. Box 30 Glastonbury, CT 06033 (Note: I live in West Hartford).
Website:  www.Decker2012.com
I am a Certified Financial Planner and work with small businesses, individuals and families advising them on their financial matters. I am the Treasurer and a Deacon at Asylum Hill Congregational Church and serve on the Board of Directors of Business for Downtown Hartford. I live in West Hartford with my wife and three children.
Why should Latinos vote for you?
I encourage Latinos to vote for me because I am much like they are. I have experienced successes and hardships in my life. I have never run for elected office but have always been active in the community. Along with the above activities of being involved in the community, I also am currently involved with the Quest program offered through Leadership Greater Hartford. As a participant, it has afforded me a great opportunity to meet many wonderful people and the non-profit organizations they run which provide important services to those who need it most.
Ultimately, I believe people feel they don’t have a voice in Washington–and because of that, they turn away. I did the opposite. I decided to speak up for those who couldn’t. To be that voice for you. Latinos face many of the same uncertainties as everyone, but additionally critical issues such as immigration reform, civil rights, and unemployment rates much higher than the current national average of 7.8%.
I believe our politicians in Washington–both Democrats and Republicans–are failing us. Our national debt is over $16 Trillion! They borrow and spend money they don’t have. When they do this, it hurts us all by making the things we buy like food, gas and our utility bills go up in price. We have to pay more for the very things we need to live on. It takes away from what little extra money we have. This affects lower income individuals and those on a fixed income the most.
Additionally, our economy is stalled and unemployment is unacceptably high. In Hartford, the unemployment rate is 17.8%–sharply higher than the national average. We need to create jobs and the easiest way to do that is to end the government interference making it easier for companies to hire employees.
There are many issues facing our country and us as individuals, but the first step in correcting these problems is to stop electing the same individuals that have put us there. I believe that with my background of being a financial planner and being deeply involved in the community lets me have a better appreciation of the average person or family, Latinos included.
Thank you for your consideration.