10 Million Latino Voters May Not Be Shut Out


The claim that up to 10 million Latinos might be disenfranchised in the upcoming presidential election is being met by skepticism by some experts on the issue.
Raisa Camargo, writing at Voxxi.com, quotes Arturo Vargas of the National Association of Elected and Appointed Officials, discussing the Advancement Project report claiming 10 million Hispanics can be deterred from voting in November because of voter laws that are suppressive. “It looks at all the states where voter ID laws are in place or purging happening and then they added up all the Latinos in those states and came up with 10 million. So, I think the number is a little bit exaggerated,” he said.
Camargo also quotes a statistician “who researches Latino voter trends [and] also questioned the report’s credibility pointing to the manner in which the data was classified. If it were 10 million that would require every state to eliminate every possible Latino who is a naturalized citizen, the statistician told VOXXI on condition of anonymity.
The article also cites Angelo Falcon of the National Institute for Latino Policy. He came to the conclusion that although the Advancement Project possibly “overly exaggerated” because the data cited was too general, there is a consensus that the laws will have a serious impact on turnout.
 Photo (c) Flickr